Tyler Harris Interview

dave@friarblog —  November 5th, 2010 12:29 PM
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Tyler: NC State? Iowa? Providence? Bound

Box of M.E.S.S interviewed Tyler Harris before his commitment today.

What are your predictions on NC State ( 2009/2010: 20-16), Iowa (2009/2010: 10-22) and Providence (2009/2010: 12-19) 2010-2011 Season?

All these schools should have a great season. With CJ Leslie and Ryan Harrow at NCState they are going to be real good. Providence should also do well with Marshon Brooks. He’s a great player and a hardworker. Iowa’s new coaching staff should lead the team in the right right direction they will also have a good team.

What did you like about each coach? What factored into your decision on making them your Final 3?

Each of the coaches were great I had a good relationship with all of them. They all had a style of play where I felt I can fit into very well. That’s why each of these schools were on my list. The coach made a big factor in the decision.

Tyler will be making his announcement this morning at 11:30, live on SNY.

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