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dave@friarblog —  November 12th, 2010 2:16 PM
Spread the word PC Basketball: Competitors Wanted

I’ll be focusing on something that is purely subjective, yet so obvious when you see it.  It’s also something glaringly missing from the Friars in recent years.  Providence simply needs to find and foster more competitive kids than they’ve brought in over the past ten years.

Anytime I get to reminisce about John Linehan is always a good read.  Especially when it contains stories about how Linehan continually stopped Kobe Bryant in AAU.

COX Go Friars Blog: Friar Freshman – Giplaye & Kofane

Talk of effort = minutes, plus wind sprints.  TOMMY LIKEY!

Orange::44’s 2010-2011 Big East Conference Basketball Preview

Good conference writeup by Brian over at his Syracuse blog, even though he took some shots at us as expected.

Snapshot: What do you say about a team like the Friars? I remember growing up I used to play Super Nintendo with my brother and we had an NCAA basketball game. He always insisted on being the Friars. I, of course, picked Syracuse, mainly because they were one of the closest schools to us. It was a pretty heated rivalry back then, between my brother and I as Friars vs. Orangemen. Well, not today. We’ve outgrown the Super Nintendo, and Providence has outgrown being relevant. The Friars lose Curry, and somehow that opened up about 20 scholarships. So in about three or four years, look for Providence to be … still bad.

Super Nintendo was lame anyway.  SEGA Genesis forever. 2010-2011 Season Preview: Providence

The New StatSheet update launched early this morning, including a dedicated site for Providence called  They are attempting to automate everything rendering bloggers like myself absolete.  Sweet! Now I can devote more time to video games.

The Friars have an average conference finish of 11.4 over the last 5 seasons. Over the past 14 the team has an average finish of 7.9.

According to their new fan satisfaction graph (which is something I’ve always wanted to do), we are at a nice tidy -57.  Sounds about right. Keno’s Clipboard

A new feature to keep us fans informed.

1) How do you see this recruiting class shaping up in terms of how it will impact next year’s team?

We are extremely pleased with the additions of Kyan Anderson and Markus Crider to our team. We were fortunate to be able to gain commitments from two individuals that were recruited at the highest level and had multiple offers from Big Ten and Big 12 conference teams. I believe we will have one of the deepest and hardest working teams that PC has had in the years to come due greatly to the quality of our new additions. I couldn’t be more excited about how Kyan and Markus will fit within our team. I believe our fans will enjoy seeing them in the Black & White of Providence.

ESPN: Keno Davis, and other majorly hot seats (Insider Required)

Doug Gottlieb goes over the coaches who may be in trouble to start the season.  I guess this would be in a vaccuum since contract situations are obviously not factored in.

Keno Davis

Providence Friars

Davis has been in New England for three years, and the team isn’t well off. First off, opposing coaches and players will tell you their defensive abilities aren’t very solid. Secondly, Providence lost its final 11 games of last season. The Friars topped the Connecticut Huskies, who were then ranked No. 19, 81-66 on Jan. 27 and then didn’t win again. 

Bleacher Report: 2010-11 Big East College Hoops Preview: Wounded Beast Is as Big, But Not as Bad

The last two years the Friars have had as much offensive talent as any team in the Big East. But they defend like the Washington Generals and finished last year ranked No. 333 in scoring defense.

They lost their top two players off a team that finished No. 15 in the league and I don’t see much reason why this year’s team will be any better. Marshon Brooks is a nice option and pairs with Vincent Council to give them a decent backcourt.

If you combined Providence with South Florida you might be able to field a decent team. But since you can’t it will be another dud season at PU.

It’s hard to tell if the writer was trying to be facetious in calling the team “PU” (as in IT STINKS), or if they really think the name is Providence University.  Either way, nice try.

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