Yahoo: Friars #16 in BIG EAST, But Hot on the Glass

dave@friarblog —  November 24th, 2010 7:12 AM —  Comments
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That sounds kinda dirty, doesn’t it?

Jason King of Yahoo! gave his league rankings in a BIG EAST article this morning.

All about the Big East: Walker arrive

16. Providence (4-1) – The Friars lost by 11 points to LaSalle on Tuesday. Maybe Keno Davis should’ve stayed at Drake. (16)

So yeah the loss sucked yesterday, but why is everyone treating it like they lost to a Division-II team?

Obviously King missed out on the details of the La Salle game, because he followed it up with:


Providence on the glass – Even at 4-1, the Friars aren’t even close to being an upper-echelon Big East team. Heck, some think they may have the worst program in the league. But it’s hard to ignore Providence’s success in the paint thus far. The Friars’ 48.8 rebounds per game rank second in the nation. Two players – Bilal Dixon (12.8) and Marshon Brooks (10.3) – are averaging double-digits rebounds.

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