BIG EAST Power Rankings: Friars #12, and Friarblog Gets Hater Vote of the Week!

dave@friarblog —  November 30th, 2010 7:30 AM —  Comments
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The folks over at The UConn Blog have kindly invited Friarblog to cast a vote in the BIG EAST Power Rankings. One blogger from each team (mostly SBN Blogs, but a few us filled in where they don’t have a team) sends in their ballot, and the results are tallied.  Right now, this will occur every two weeks until BIG EAST play starts. So, technically this is the Week 3 ballot, since I forgot to participate two weeks ago.

Here are the complete tallied results from early yesterday, and here is the mother post over at The UConn Blog which lists all of the individual ballots.

1. Pittsburgh (6) (7-0): 155 points — Last Poll: 1

2. UConn (4) (5-0): 148 points — Last Poll: 7

3. Georgetown (6-0): 133 points — Last Poll: 3

4. Villanova (5-1): 127 points — Last Poll: 2

5. Syracuse (6-0): 125 points — Last Poll: 4

6. Notre Dame (7-0): 107 points — Last Poll: 9

7. West Virginia (4-1): 99 points — Last Poll: 5

8. Louisville (4-0): 94 points — Last Poll: 10

9. Cincinnati (5-0): 77 points — Last Poll: 12

10. St. John’s (4-1): 74 points — Last Poll: 8

11. Marquette (5-2): 68 points — Last Poll: 6

12. Providence (5-1): 47 points — Last Poll: 14

13. Seton Hall (2-3): 35 points — Last Poll: 11

14. Rutgers (3-2): 34 points — Last Poll: 15

15. South Florida (4-3): 27 points — Last Poll: 13

16. TCU (4-2): DePaul +1 points — Last Poll: NR

17. DePaul (1-4): 10 points — Last Poll: 16

This is actually mostly in line for what I voted for on Sunday night, save for not having UConn ranked so high. My inclusion of the Huskies at #4 got me the Co-Hater Vote of the Week Award. Always good to make a splash on the first impression!

On to your homer and hater votes of the week. First, the Homer Vote of the Week, which goes to well, TheUConnBlog. I can (and will) defend our choice to slot UConn in at No. 1 based on last week, but still, it’s just three games, and if I wasn’t a UConn fan, I’d have to admit that that Pitt team seems pretty damn impressive. Since I’m feeling schizophrenic, our Hater Vote of the Week is going to Friar Blog and The East Coast Bias who voted UConn No. 4. I mean, really guys? They beat two Top-10 teams, what else can you ask? The worst part is that both kept Villanova above the Huskies, despite the Wildcats’ loss to Tennessee.

Digital High Five to you, Mr. Pico Dulce of the East Coast Bias.

Here is my complete ballot:

1. Pittsburgh

2. Syracuse

3. Villanova

4. UConn

5. Georgetown

6. Notre Dame

7. West Virginia

8. Louisville

9. Marquette

10. St. John’s

11. Cincinnati

12. Providence

13. Seton Hall

14. Rutgers

15. South Florida

16. DePaul

The 2-5 spots are the only ones I really wavered on, but I decided to put Villanova ahead of the Huskies simply because I felt they were still the better team. Yeah, Nova lost to Tennessee on a neutral court over the holiday and UConn Kemba Walker beat two top 10 teams. If I based my vote on the current week only, UConn would clearly be #1. I also felt Syracuse should stay above despite not playing all that great so far. They still haven’t lost and have all the weapons to play even better.

I felt pretty comfortable with the bottom part of the league, and even considered putting Providence at the #11 spot. Maybe that would have gotten me the Homer of the Week Award as well.

So, what do you think of both ballots?

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