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Friars Links 11.11.10

dave@friarblog —  November 11th, 2010 2:32 PM Davis’ first recruiting class had more misses than hits

Davis says it’s difficult to hit on every player in such a large recruiting class, but missing on Permenter and Wright will badly hurt the painfully young Friars this season.

The article also mentions the two signings yesterday by Kyan Anderson and Markus Crider.  I thought this quote by Keno was worth noting.

You have to take players who are better than what you already have and we’ve done that with these two kids.

Should be a nice little motivation for the current players. The Week Ahead: The Season Opener

Keno Davis kicks off his third year at Providence with a Saturday night tilt against what should be a very beatable Dartmouth squad.  Hoping to rebound from a difficult 2009-10 season, the focus in Friartown will be on effort and potential as much as wins and losses, but the early season slate offers up very winnable games for a team welcoming seven freshmen into the mix.

Kevin also discusses the red shirt question, and thinks that Brice Kofane is the most likely candidate.  It sounds crazy, since he should be able to bring some good defense to the team, but he might not just be ready to contribute this year. For high-scoring Providence, the focus turns to Big East worst defense

“I don’t think we played as hard as we possibly could last year,”Brooks said. “I didn’t think we were in the best shape last year. We gave up a lot of easy layups and you can’t do that against quality teams.”

Brooks called it “organized pickup.” But can this team continue to score even with the loss of Jamine Peterson?

Not in the best shape? Let’s hope wind sprints have been plentiful in practice.

The Arena Pulse: Power Ranking New England (Preseason)

6. Providence – The Friars will match-up with a number of New England teams during non-conference play, although that may not ultimately help them in Big East play. They finished 12-19 a season ago and lost their two leading scorers from that group. Senior Marshon Brooks needs to have a monster season.

After the way URI played Pittsburgh earlier in the week, that game will definitely help them in BIG EAST play.  Playing Boston College at Chestnut Hill will also be a good test.

ESPN: Spurs cruise past injury-riddled Clippers

The Clippers lost.  Again.  Ryan Gomes had 11 points before fouling out late. One of his fouls included a big flagrant foul during a crucial Spurs 9-0 run.  The call was “LUDICRIOUS”, according to the Clippers Blog Clips Nation. I didn’t see the play, but I agree.  Gomes would never do such a thing. Seedy agents a problem in college basketball and football

“I don’t know that it’s as much of a problem in basketball, but it’s made me aware even more,” Providence coach Keno Davis said when he was asked if he had followed the football problems. “You’re always worried about agents that would try to get in touch with young men before they finish their college eligibility. There’s more money involved now, there’s more to trickle down now.”

The new season is just days away, and with that brings a shmorgishborg of previews, predictions, projections, and top 10 lists.  Everywhere you look, you can find BIG EAST predictions placing the Providence Friars in the bottom 4, or a snarky comment about the lack of defense. I would be batsh*t insane to try to dispute any of this, because well, it’s all completely deserved.  What I will try to do here is inform Friartown that all is not doom and gloom, and there actually are things to get excited about this year. Don’t worry, Friarblog won’t get all FOX News on you and only give you one side.  We’ll go over the stuff to worry about in another part. So sit back in your snuggie, and get pumped for the Friars 2010-11 season.

Let’s get to it after the jump!

The New England Crown

Jeff Goodman of and Andy Glockner of SI were chatting via Twitter before the URI/Pittsburgh game on Monday.  Here was an interesting part of the exchange.

The Friars will most likely not have the best record out of the 21 Division I teams in New England, or even remotely close to being the best team.  However, PC will get a crack at five out of conference NE teams (CCSU, Northeastern, URI, Brown, and Boston College) in a row in late November / early December.  The URI game looms large as always, but this year it is at the DUNK.  We all know it doesn’t matter who has the most talented team when those two clash. Throw in a game at Storrs against UConn in mid-February, and PC can see how they stack against the best in the region.   Several very tough games for the Friars no doubt, but hey apparently it won’t be saying much if they can win — so why not?

PC4VC (To steal from future Friar Markus Crider (who uses the Twitter hashtag #PC4MC)

When I was a senior at Providence College, I was fortunate enough to see Ryan Gomes play (when I wasn’t sitting in garbage at a slum lord ridden house on Radcliffe Avenue) when he was just a freshman.  He wasn’t completely dominant yet — and didn’t quite yet develop the skill to get Jim Calhoun to drop F bombs — but you could just tell there was something there.   He always found a way to get a rebound that lead to an easy putback.

Last year I got the same feeling when watching Vincent Council throughout the year. His ability to take his man off the dribble and dish to his teammates was an extremely refreshing thing to see at the point guard position for the Friars.  Council’s 10 PPG and 4.5 assists per game were even almost as impressive as Gomes’ 13.8/7.8 RPG when he was a frosh.  It might be crazy to think Council can have the kind of career Ryan did in a Friar uniform, but he has the skill and potential to head in the right direction.  I will surely enjoy every no-look assist for the next three years.

The returning players should be VERY FRESH

No, not fresh as in The Fresh Prince of Bell-Air (one of the greatest shows of all TIME), but fresh as in not tired as a result of half-assing it on the defensive end — and not taking very many shots. This will be no surprise to anyone who watched any five minute stretch of PC Basketball last year, but Greedy Peterson took 136 more shots than the 2nd most on the team (Sharaud Curry).  Peterson’s 500 shot attempts was good for 24th in the entire nation (can you imagine that many players took MORE shots than Greedy?!?), and 5th in the BIG EAST.  Basically, when he was out on the court he took a shot slighlty more than 30% of the time.

The #12 Jersey Has Been Resurrected. 

Aside from Ryan Gomes, my other All-TIme favorite Friar was John Linehan.  Linehan was on the team for all four years that I attended PC (although he missed most of the 1999-00 season with an injury), and was simply the best defender pound for pound that I’ve ever watched on Providence.  Every coach around the BIG EAST couldn’t wait for him to graduate, as he was a constant “pest” racking up steals and causing havoc.

Since Linehan graduated in 2002, only two Friars have donned the #12 again — Ray Cross and Luke Burchett, who were both walk-ons that combined for a total of 19 field goals attempted in their career. This season, highly touted freshman Gerard Coleman will suit up as number 12.  Coleman is a lanky scorer who has been described as a potential lock down defender. It’s a great omen in my mind that Coleman will take the #12, and hopefully embiggen the noble defensive spirit of John Linehan.  The Friars will surely need it in order to begin to turn around their defensive woes.

Oh, and it’s also great because it makes the jersey hanging in my office cube relevant again!

Not many people who walk by my desk know who Linehan is

A Chance to Stick it to St. John’s

Woh, what did the Johnnie’s ever do to us?  And Friarblog, didn’t you grow up rooting for The Red Men?

Yes, I grew up on the old BIG EAST and idolized Chris Mullin and Mark Jackson.  But you know what? Even though I watch the Back the Future Trilogy whenever it is on TV (despite also having the collector’s edition DVDs), it’s not the 80’s anymore. I became a Friar fan for life when I stepped on campus in the fall of ‘98.

Frankly, I’m getting a little sick continually hearing about St. John’s and Steve Lavin.  I will admit, there is a definite huge jealousy monster rearing it’s ugly head. St. John’s is in a similar situation that PC was in two years ago when Keno Davis first arrived. However, our experienced and senior laden team happened to play in a year where the BIG EAST was completely stacked.  This year, Lavin has a good chance getting the Red Storm back into the NCAA Tournament with the BEAST being considered “down”.  So yes, I am bitter and jealous in that regard.  It will just make it that much better to beat them at the Dunk on 1/1/11.  Do it for Geoff McDermott, Jonathan Kale, Jeff Xavier, Weyinmi Efejuku, and Randall Hanke!  And hey, if our season does go to $h*t, we can all laugh come Bubble Talk in March as they are saddled with “BAD LOSS – @ Providence”. Muhahahaha.

Kristina Akra

“Cox Sports’ newest program is Friars All Access, which debuts in January.. Where Inside Friartown looked at each of the mens and womens sports programs at Providence College, the Friars All Access show will focus strictly on PC’s mens basketball program.

On each show, host Kristina Akra will talk with PC’s Head Basketball Coach Keno Davis about the progress of his team and their standing in the Big East Conference. ”

Here she is pictured below.



Marshon’s 1,000 Points

I’m not sure if 1,000 points really means as much as it did in the past, given how many games are played in a season nowadays.  Geoff McDermott, Randall Hanke, Sharaud Curry, Weyinmi Efejuku, and Jeff Xavier were all able to reach the 1,000 point plateau because they got so much playing time from the very start.  Marshon Brooks only scored 62 points as a freshman, but totaled 779 over the last two seasons.  The senior will need a mere 159 points to become the 43rd Friar to score 1,000.  He should be able to accomplish this late in OOC play, barring any more ankle injuries.


It’s been more than 5 years since a European player suited up for the Friars, and to be honest I’ve missed it.  After having three players at the same time for most of the first half of the decade (Chris Anrin, Maris Laksa, and Tuuka Kotti), Tuuka was the last one to play after the PC got demolished by West Virginia in the BIG EAST Tournament in March of ‘05.  Those guys had their warts and took their fair share of fan criticism, but they had their moments when used as proper role players.

This season freshman Lee Goldsbrough comes from over the pond via Newcastle, England.  Goldsbrough is 6”9’ and 220 pounds, likes British Sunday Lunch, the Miami Heat, and Newcastle United from the English Premier League.  It’s not clear right now if we will actually get to see Goldsbrough this season, since it is possible that Keno will red shirt him.  If we do, he has the potential to be a decent big man shooter (with an awesome accent) off the bench.  Plus, there is the added bonus of him potentially playing at the same time as Ray Hall.  We MUST come up with a nickname for the combo.  Get crackin’ folks.

No More Scottie Reynolds and Lazar Hayward!!!

Unless you are a big D-League supporter (specifically the Springfield Armor (?!) ) or a Minnesota Timberwolves fan, Friar fans will be happy to never see Scottie Reynolds Reynolds or Lazar Hayward on the court.  In 20 games spread out over the last 8 years, Reynolds and Hayward combined to average roughly 87 points a game against Providence.  It’s pretty easy to score points…when…YOU NEVER MISS ANY THREES.

Ray Hall’s Redemption

Ray Hall’s best game in a Friar uniform came on January 31st, 2008 against Notre Dame when a big home win streak was on the line for the Irish.  The big man went up against the big goon Luke Harangody, and scored 10 points and pulled down 7 rebounds.  Unfortunately, Big Ray built himself a nice brick house at the foul line (2-10).  The Friars couldn’t close out the game, Geoff McDermott had a costly turnover (shocking eh?) that allowed the Irish to tie at the end of regulation, and Notre Dame prevailed in OT.

Hall missed the following season with an injury that was supposed to be career ending. What the average Friar fan does not know was that the only way for him to ever get back on the court was to preserve him for 50 years so that the technology required could be invented.  Yes folks, Ray Hall is a sophisticated half robot, sent from the future to change the destiny for a basketball team in need.  That game will be Wednesday, February 23rd against Notre Dame. Even Ken Pomeroy projects it. Adjusted offensive efficiency, pace, rebounding percentage, half robot sent from the future.  It’s all in his formula.



Mr. Potato Head Night at the Louisville game on Saturday, January 22. The first 2,000 fans will receive an Exclusive Friar Mr. Potato Head. Game time is 5:00 p.m. Doors open at 4:00 p.m. Get there early to make sure you are one of the first 2,000 fans through the turnstiles.

I want this so so bad.  I don’t know why exactly, but I do.


After a quiet and predictable signing day for the Providence Friars that produced two expected LOIs (Markus Crider and Kyan Anderson), some big news came out this afternoon about former PC target Michael Chandler.

I wouldn’t get my hopes up too much, as he is expected to join Ryan Boatright at UConn.

As per TheRecruitScoop on TwitterRyan Boatright & Michael Chandler were considering a package deal when they were both available. It wouldn’t surprise me if UConn got both.

Chandler could also have some academic eligibility problems which is a big concern, but he is a center and the 51st overall player in the 2011 class according to ESPN.

Today is Signing Day for the fall period of college basketball, and small forward Markus Crider (who gave his verbal in mid October) has officially given Providence College his National Letter of Intent.  He announced his signing on Twitter, and even posted a picture of his letter. 

Here is a picture of his family and HS teammate who is going to Michigan State

Welcome to Friartown Markus!


Friars Links 11.9.10

dave@friarblog —  November 9th, 2010 2:34 PM

Jeff Goodman: 68 things to watch this season

Will Providence guard? A year ago, the Friars were an abomination defensively – and didn’t even appear to want to stop anyone. Keno Davis has made it a point to stress defense this season.

I go to bed every night praying that they do.

Busting the Bracket: Fifty Impact Freshmen

Gerard Coleman, Providence: A very long and lanky player, Coleman is an excellent scorer and lockdown defender.

This post was from last month, but I stumbled upon it this morning as part of their overall College Basketball Preview.  LOCKDOWN DEFENDER.  I can’t think of two better words Friar fans want to hear about a new player on the team.

Friar Basketball: Nerlens Noel Closes AAU Season in Style

While the competition for Noel will be furious, don’t discount the impact of assistant coach Chris Driscoll and BABC alums Gerard Coleman and Ron Giplaye in his recruitment.  Landing him won’t be easy, but Providence should be in the fight until the end.

One of the best sophomores in the country.  If there is a god…

ESPN: Pittsburgh needs late rally to hold off Rhode Island to open season

The first game of the college basketball season opened with two teams the Friars will play this year.  Pittsburgh is going to be very tough as always (DAMN YOU ASHTON GIBBS, DAMN YOUUUUUUUU!!!), but URI showed a lot of fight before losing the game in the final few possessions.  The Rams banged home 14 three pointers, but it was not enough.

Yardbarker: Pittsburgh Coach Jamie Dixon on URI

Surprise: “We had hoped to guard the 3 better, but they made some tough shots. We don’t have teams in the Big East that play like this. The closest would probably be Providence.”

Yeah about making those three-pointers…

Ballin’ is a Habit: College Basketball’s Social Media Must-Follow Datatbase

If you are on Twitter, here is the list of all lists of people you should follow around College Basketball.  Also, be sure to follow me @friarblog! Go on the Road with the Friars to Boston College and the University of Connecticut

Providence College is offering two very special bus trips for PC fans to the Friar men’s basketball games versus New England rival Boston College on Wednesday, December 8th in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts. And BIG EAST rival, the University of Connecticut on Sunday, February 13th in Storrs, Connecticut.

To BC will run you $33, and to Storrs it’s $53.  Considering how well the Friars have played UCONN over the years, I think it’s a good investment.

Real college basketball games are less than a week away, and with that means UPDATED KEN POMEROY PROJECTIONS!  

If you take a look at the Providence team page, you can see a game by game projection with confidence ratings.

The projections have the Friars tearing through their out of conference schedule, only losing an away match-up against Boston College.  I think they are not counting the final game of the Cancun Tournament, so maybe the extra loss (17-13 would mean they went 10-2 OOC) assumes they will lose to Missouri?

In BIG EAST play, PC is projected to win both home and home USF and Rutgers games, plus DePaul, Cincinnati, and Notre Dame (all home games).  The only one that surprises me there is Notre Dame, mainly because I can’t honestly remember the last time the Friars beat the Irish.

7-11 in the BIG EAST? I would sign up for that record in a heartbeat thank you very much.

Here are some other fun nuggets:

Most likely OOC win: Prairie View A&M and Sacred Heart (both 98%)

Biggest OOC tossup: vs. Alabama  (76-75 win at 55%)

Most likely BE loss: @ Syracuse (91-73, with a 92% confidence)

Most likely BE win: vs. DePaul (77-67 with an 84% confidence)

Biggest BE tossup: vs. St. John’s (76-75 loss at 47%)

PC-Bentley Highlights [Video]

dave@friarblog —  November 7th, 2010 3:05 PM

The Providence Friars edged Division II Bentley 83-76 on Saturday night at the Dunk.


In Kevin McNamara’s season preview piece, he focused on senior Marshon Brooks, who is finding it easier to lead a young team without older guys around.

Brooks didn’t have to specify who the older players were that he had in mind. Sharaud Curry and Jamine “Greedy” Peterson were the two best players on the 2010 Friars but, while talented, both were horrid leaders. A dogged competitor, fifth-year senior point guard Curry was an aloof teammate and an inattentive defender in the guard-heavy Big East. Peterson may have been the most gifted frontcourt athlete Friar fans had seen in 20 years, but he was allowed to hold only a token interest in defending and his sloppy off-the-court work habits infected others.

I don’t think anyone would disagree with that statement, but it’s interesting to see that written about Sharaud Curry (we all know Greedy is a complete d-bag). It’s also interesting hearing Keno admit that last year the “team makeup wasn’t perfect”.  With better team chemistry, let’s hope Bilal Dixon and Vincent Council don’t shy away from leadership, because it’s going to be their team for the next three years.

The Providence Friars will take on Division-II Bentley in an exhibition matchup at the Dunkin’ Donuts Center tonight at 7PM.  After a closed scrimmage last weekend against Stony Brook produced little to no information about the team, it will be good for Friars fans to finally see the overhauled roster in action, and perhaps get a feel for how the minutes will play out in the beginning of play next weekend.

I’ll be missing this one tonight from all forms of internet media, but here are a few other ways to follow the action if you will not be at the The Dunk.  If anyone does attend, I would love to hear your thoughts on the game!


  • VC+GC: With the Friars striking out on all the forward prospects the last few weeks, it seems like the key to the team over the next several years will be the backcourt of Vincent Council and Gerard Coleman.  Two guys who can drive will make the front court that much better.  Let’s hope tonight is the start of an amazing on-court relationship.
  • Any Redshirts?: There will be an interesting battle for minutes for the backup forward slots, so Friar fans should keep an eye on how Lee Goldsbrough and Brice Kofane (pronounced like GREECE, not ICE) perform tonight.
  • 3 Pointers, Any Takers?: Even though PC is returning more minutes % than heading into last season, the Friars are only returning about 1/3 of their three pointers made.  Considering how important the long ball is to Keno’s style of play, it will be interesting to see how many they take (and who takes ‘em).  We know Marshon can shoot the three, but the next player with the most made last year after Brooks? — Vincent Council with 19.

WHERE TO: FOLLOW Gametracker

Twitter: PC-Basketball-fans Userlist

If you have the Friars All-Access package, it should be on the radio stream.

WHAT TO: READ Game Notes [pdf]

The Providence College men’s basketball team opens its 2010-11 campaign with an exhibi- tion game against Bentley University. The Friars will take the floor with several new players, as Head Coach Keno Davis enters his third season. Providence has seven newcomers, in addition to eight returning players. Friars aim high for Saturday’s Exhibition

Davis spent time in D-II as an assistant at Southern Indiana and knows that the best in the country at that level can be stout foes. “The best Division Two teams are better than some Division One teams,” he said.

Davis says he’s looking for a stern test because he has a team with six true freshmen who all need to work up to speed quickly. PC opens its regular season in one week with a game against Dartmouth. Bentley to Make 2010-11 Debut with Exhibition Game at Providence Saturday Night

Bentley, one of the most successful programs in Division II in recent years, is coming off a 26-7 season that saw the Falcons reach the Elite Eight for the third time in four years and the national semifinals for the second time in three seasons. This year’s club was selected for tenth in the preseason Division II national rankings in The Sporting News College Basketball magazine.

Tyler Harris Picks N.C. State…NEXT!

dave@friarblog —  November 5th, 2010 3:34 PM

OK, so the Providence Friars track record with recruits making a big announcement with a press conference or on TV continues to not go PC’s way.

Tyler Harris has decided to head to the ACC to play for the North Carolina State Wolf Pack.

Time to move on and go to plan B.

Source: ZagsBlog: Tyler Harris Makes the Call