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Spread the word Keno Davis Radio Show Video [Free]

Dale Arnold kicked off his first Keno Davis Radio Show last night. Kevin Gamble was also on as a guest.

Projo Hoops Blog: URI-PC hoops chat with Kevin McNamara

[Comment From Mike]

How important is this game for Keno Davis and his staff? Will a loss further question his progress with the Friars?

Kevin McNamara: I don’t see this as any sort of litmus test on Keno Davis or his staff. I think Davis sees his status as he’s coaching a young team and trying to get it better. If he loses to URI at home that is never good but I don’t think he holds lofty expectations for a team that is starting two freshmen and two sophomores. That is my opinion, based largely on the fact that he’s said many times already this season that he’s not measuring progress on wins/losses. Unfortunately for him, that’s what fans measure success by.

Friar Basketball: URI Game an Opportunity for Brooks

While Brooks may never be the next great one, he does have a chance to be remembered along the lines of a Herbert Hill – a player who matured into a senior capable of carrying the offensive burden for a surprising Friar team.

Whether the thought that Brooks shrinks when the competition heats up is real or imagined, Saturday is his first opportunity this year to put those questions to bed. The competition level will grow exponentially Saturday, in a game in which many of his young teammates will experience their first taste of big time college basketball. Friars Journal: Brooks elevates PC-URI match-up

“I look forward to the game against Rhode Island,” said Davis. “I know that most people will pick Rhode Island off of their early games and the fact that they have more veterans, but we’re going to come in and do our best and see if we can’t get a win.” URI vs PC IMPORTANT INFO (Event Page)

Probably the saddest event logo ever created.

Is that Comic Sans?!? Did Cavs owner Dan Gilbert design the logo?

Also, they are apparently not providing any bus transportation to the DUNK for the game. Nice.

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