The Cowl Says Friar Fans Can Cheer For URI

dave@friarblog —  December 3rd, 2010 8:21 AM —  Comments
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The other day I noticed a headline come my way, and I was instantly intrigued.

Reason and Rivalry: PC Fans Can Cheer for Rhody, Too

The author talks about growing up in Rhode Island, and cheering for the Friars but not exactly hating the Rams. They were always second fiddle and didn’t get as much coverage as Providence, so maybe their evilness was never quite exposed to this young PC student. I don’t know.

It is, perhaps, a strange twist of fate that many of my high school friends became URI students during the past few years, during which the Rams have improved dramatically. How can you hate a team that the majority of your friends love?

It’s incredibly easy. I have many good friends who are Mets fans, and I find it very enjoyable to hate on them (WHO THE EFF IS TERRY COLLINS? HAHAHA). My friends and family who are Jets fans? I’m eagerly awaiting their eventual painful Jets-like closing out of the season. It’s like Christmas after Christmas. This season will be like the year I got Sega Genesis from Santa. ALTERED BEAST!!

Anyways, the author thinks that it’s OK to like both teams since the PC-URI rivalry isn’t based on the same premises as say Yankees-Red Sox or Lakers – Celtics. Sure both teams play in the same state, but they don’t play enough for high stakes and compete in different conferences.

This is not to say, however, that geographic proximity does not give rise to great rivalries, for it does. Geographic proximity alone is the mother of the Providence-Rhode Island rivalry. The point is that two teams playing in the same state, unlike the three elements of the modern rivalries I have mentioned, does not require a fan to love one team and hate the other. In fact, by virtue of their closeness, each team has a legitimate claim to the fans’ loyalty. In this way, it is neither treacherous nor disloyal for a Rhode Islander to be a fan of both the Friars and the Rams.

I didn’t even grow up in Rhode Island, but I still found away to see the light of hatred in my four years at Providence College. Also, I have a hard enough time rooting for UConn when they play out of conference for the sake of the BIG EAST, so I’d like to avoid giving out any more of my precious sports love to the likes of the Rams. In my opinion, there is only ONE scenario where it’s OK to cheer for URI –when Providence is on the Bubble of an NCAA Tournament Bid and URI winning will help out our RPI.


Our RPI is most likely not going to count for much this season, so I will let Advice Dog give you some words of wisdom on what to think of the Rams the rest of the year.

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