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ESPN: Streak for the Cash

Tonight’s game is an option for those play Streak on ESPN. You have to make the decision of whether or not you think WVU will win by 15+.  Currently 94.4% of users have picked under 15, but they probably don’t realize what usually happens when we travel down to West Virginia.

Go Friars: Friars All Access Ep.1 with Keno Davis

The Daily Athenaum: WVU focuses on stopping Providence’s top scorers

Truck Bryant made it clear that if West Virginia wants to defeat Providence tonight, it has to do one thing.
The junior point guard said the Mountaineers must shut down the Big East Conference’s second-leading scorer Marshon Brooks and his teammate Vincent Council.

“If we shut them down, we should win, really,” Bryant said.

West Virginia (10-4, 2-2) – under head coach Bob Huggins – has made it a goal to slow down an opponent’s best shooter, specifically when he accounts for more than half of the team’s scoring.

The Charleston Gazette: Huggins not looking past Friars

“This is a hard, hard league. You go play Pitt, that has everybody back. You play Georgetown, which has everybody back,” Huggins said. “But there’s a lot to be said sometimes for newness and freshness and youthful exuberance and enthusiasm, as well.” Friars, Rams hoping trip South will right the ship

“I worry about chemistry when you’re losing because you can’t have losing lead to bad chemistry,” Davis said. “Last year we lost because of our defensive issues and some talent concerns but we did have some chemistry issues. We didn’t have good team chemistry. It was just a matter of fact and everybody takes responsibility for that, including myself.

“This year we don’t have that. We’re not losing because of bad chemistry,” he said.

ESPN: Big East Power Rankings: From 1 to 16

13. Providence Friars
Embattled Friars coach Keno Davis needed a positive start to the season. He got it: Providence started the year 11-2, a helpful little boost for a program besieged by a host of ugly personnel problems this offseason. The bad news? Big East play is here, and the Friars are already 0-4 in four league games.

Friar Basketball: Update on Joshua Fortune and other Virginia targets

Kevin interviewed a local sports reporter about 2012 Friar recruit Joshua Fortune.

Like many shooters, Fortune can be a streak shooter. He can knock down several in a row, or he can get into a bit of a cold stretch, but his form is perfect. Some might consider him a spot-up shooter, but he’s got a good handle and can create his own looks. He’s very good at shooting off the dribble. Fortune has long arms, so he rarely gets his shot blocked and he’s pretty good at grabbing steals, even if he isn’t the best one-on-one defender.

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