The Cooley Era Begins

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Why hello there folks, long time no blog. For those of you not on the Twitter, you may have thought the last half of the season finally brought caused me to smash my laptop over my own head, causing me to forget my WordPress login. While I’m not quite sure how much I will be blogging from here on out, I was quite inspired by what I saw watching the Ed Cooley press conference on today. I must admit, I did not know much about Cooley when his name first surfaced, and wasn’t terribly excited (BUT SKERRY CAN GET US LEDO, NOEL, AND BRING BACK 1991 MICHAEL JORDAN!!!111one).  The more I read and heard about Cooley, I slowly began realizing how great he would be for the program.

Today’s presser sealed the deal, as Cooley explained how it was his dream job, and that he will bring toughness, discipline, and defense (what’s that?) to the program. Friar fans couldn’t have asked for better opening statements, as Cooley talked about everything from winning in the BIG EAST, making sure the players stay out of trouble and go to class, to implementing a freakin’ INCLINED TREADMILL on the court for players that lose focus during practice. There is obviously a tough road ahead, as Cooley inherits a Providence team that has totaled 8 BIG EAST wins the last two seasons and one that is losing a First Team All-BIG EAST player in Marshon Brooks. However, I think the Friars will be off to a good start in the rebuilding process with Ed Cooley at the helm.

Here is the roundup of today’s press conference. Ed Cooley Draws Large Crowd For His Introduction As Men’s Basketball Coach

In an inspiring and moving selection of words, Cooley drew the biggest reaction from the crowd when he said, “Not only will we win here, we’re going to win and we’re going to win big.”

“We want to have the most dominant, physical team not just this year, not next year, but every year,” Cooley continued. “We want our off-court behavior to match our on-court behavior. Make your free throws. Make sure you go to class. We play in the toughest conference in the country and we’re going to be on top of it.” Cooley has sky-high hopes for PC hoops program

Cooley spoke about how he looked forward to meeting his team, something he did after the news conference. A half dozen players attended the session.

“I’m dying to meet my players and connect with them,” he said. “My players are everything to me.” Bill Reynolds: Cooley’s determination helped him rewrite the script

There he was, 23 years after he left Central High School to go off into the world in search of a better life coming back home as the new Providence College basketball coach, something that once would have been unimaginable. There was Ed Cooley, holding his dream in the palm of his hand. Jim Donaldson: Cooley vows to bring everything into focus

During an inspiring talk, Cooley made a point of mentioning the treadmill he keeps beside his practice floor. It’s always running, and it’s always on “high.” It’s also set at a steep incline.

“I call it my ‘focus machine,’ ” he said. “If you can’t focus, you’ll be on the focus machine.”

Projo Hoops Blog: Nice Job, Bob!

Driscoll has taken some heat as PC’s high-profile programs in basketball and ice hockey have struggled in recent years, but he deserves credit for handling Cooley’s hiring exceptionally well.

GoLocalProv: Ed Cooley Lands Dream Job. Wants PC Fans To Dream Big!

Cooley’s charisma impressed everyone in the gym, including long-time Friars season ticket holder Dianne Webb. “I’ve been to a lot of these press conferences where they’ve hired a new head coach and I didn’t come here with any great expectations,” she said. “But after listening to him speak for a couple of minutes I got goose bumps and started to tear up.”

ESPN (AP): Ed Cooley vows to help Providence win

After Cooley finished the press conference, he met his new players for the first time, a day after he had an emotional final meeting with his former players.

“I’m not running from Fairfield University,” he said. “I’m sprinting home.”

Stamford Advocate: Ed Cooley says Providence will ‘win big’

The half dozen or so Friars who attended the press conference said they could not wait to meet with Cooley later in the day.

“The way he delivered his speech and his passion about it, I can’t wait for the season,” sophomore forward Bilal Dixon said. “He has pride in the program. He’s on the same page as us and we haven’t even started yet.”

Greenwich Time: Cooley assistant Blaney to join dad in Big East

Is the Big East big enough for two Blaneys?

Next year we will find out as former Fairfield assistant coach Brian Blaney joins his father, George, UConn’s associate head coach, in the conference. The younger Blaney, along with Ed Cooley’s other assistants at Fairfield, Tyson Wheeler, Bob Simon and Carmen Maciariello, all joined the Providence Friars’ staff on Wednesday.

A Daly Dose of Hoops: Cooley High Harmony

Today, a new era started a few hours to the north of “Daly Dose” headquarters, as Providence College introduced their replacement to Keno Davis in a press conference that marked the same optimism and excitement that I was able to experience personally upon meeting Steve Lavin last year.

Cox Exclusive – Ed Cooley interview

via Go Friars Blog NBC 10 Interview


@DickieV: Ed Cooley i a solid hire by PC – he has familiarity with the league plus head coaching experience@ Fairfield. Tough challenge!

@SethDavisHoops Providence made a great move hiring Ed Cooley. Great recruiter and coach, energetic, charismatic, knows the area. A home run.

@raphiellej Fairfield led the MAAC in scoring D, 2nd to Saint Peter’s in FG% and 3PT% defense. PC players have a choice: defend or sit. #pcbb

@CrackedSidewlks @friarblog this is a very good hire for PC.  No fanfare, no drama.  Just the right guy at the right time @BrandonTierney

@pmuth: Impressed by what Ed Cooley is saying today. I’m VERY confident he can bring excitement and a winning team back to Friartown. #GOFRIARS

@MattOliveira21 This guy Cooley is a motivator. This guy wants to win BADLY. No nonsense, no bullshit. Man this guy is growing on me. Let’s get it #PCBB !!!

@TRBranco I don’t know if Cooley will be a good basketball coach, but I’d pay to go see him at the Comedy Connection. #Charismatic #Funny

@bcinterruption @friarblog Cooley is a really good coach. Enjoy.

@JennOM Good to hear that #pcbb is a dream job for Ed Cooley. An injection of passion and inspiration is needed #Friars

@ReggieRankin My thought on Providence hiring Ed Cooley. Simply the best man for the job. He is the total coaching and recruiting package

@DeansDesk Nice night meeting with the new coach of #pcbb. He has what it takes to make this thing go! Relationship skills, passion, energy. Go #Friars

@twothirds “This is my dream job, absolutely…They can have me for as long as they want.” Didn’t Pitino say something like that once? #pcbb

@ADonahue7 November needs to come now. I want to watch #EdCooley in action. #PCBB

@erincofiell: PC new coach Ed Cooley was live on NBC 10 just now. good personality. Very personable. Ready to recruit #pcbb

@JCrawf04 Sounds like Ed Cooley could be a good fit for PC bball, its about time we get some one back at PC that knows the area #FriarBB  #PC

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