Cooley Impresses New PC Students at Orientation

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When a college head coach begins a journey at a new school, there is no one better to get on board with your vision than the students who are also starting fresh. Most of the incoming class of ’15 probably don’t have any lingering memories of what Keno Davis did to the basketball program. Even if they did, Ed Cooley made sure to get them fired up and excited about what could potentially occur over the next four years. This past Thursday night after move-in day, Ed Cooley took part in welcoming the new students for Freshman Orientation.

PC Freshman James Kirby was kind enough to give an account of what Ed Cooley had to say that night.


“Ed Cooley was not supposed to be the main attraction of the show on PC’s Class of 15 first night of orientation featuring comedians Juston McKinney and Owen Benjamin. In fact, his “Welcome” only lasted about 15 minutes.  However, he, without a doubt, pumped up all Friar fans and incoming freshmen in the Peterson Center with what he had to say. The speech, comparable to a pep rally, was nothing short of flat-out-awesome. Cooley expressed how he himself was a “freshman” and grew up in Providence. Than got straight to the point: “I am here for one reason and one reason only, to bring a National Championship to Providence College.” “I want to beat the s#@! Out of all BIG EAST teams… We need you guys to sell out The Dunk every single game.” He informed every one of the acquisition of #1 PG Kris Dunn, than made the crowd chant “Our House” and claimed the Friars will never lose a home game this season if the support is there. He did this all while throwing out hats and t-shirts to the crowd. No doubt Mr.Cooley received the largest and loudest applause of the night. Cooley’s confidence, attitude, and if I do say so myself “swagger” makes it easy for every student, fan, and follower to believe PC basketball is going to get back on top. According to Cooley about half of the freshmen class, including myself, has already bought season tickets, and I’m sure he attracted more with his “Welcome.”

After watching Cooley’s initial press conference, I would expect nothing less. Aside from rebuilding and recruiting, Cooley also has the big task of getting people back in the Dunkin’ Donuts Center. Looks like he is off to a good start with the students. Oh, and Midnight Madness should be downright epic.


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  1. Friars says:

    Thanks for the inside scoop. Ima die hard Providence fan of every sport so this is GREAT. FriarTown !

    1. friarblog says:

      Thanks for the comment. Go Friars!

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