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ESPN: Adam Finkelstein Recruiting Blog (Insider)

So yeah, Ricky Ledo didn’t show up for the first day of school at Notre Dame Prep. After that, it was “Dump All Over Ricky Day” on Twitter.

Because the 2010-2011 season was Ledo’s fourth year of high school, and Notre Dame Prep his fourth school in that time, sources were indicating as of Monday night that Ledo’s current plan was to pursue a GED and attempt to enroll at Providence potentially as soon as second semester of this year.

South Orange Juice: JP’s (Really Early) 2011 Big East Predictions, Part 1- The Bottom Feeders

The bottom of the bottom feeders! At least there is no way to underachieve!

Now to the obvious problem- Brooks did quite literally everything for the Friars last season, ranking among the top players in the nation in scoring at almost 25 PTS while also grabbing 7 REB, which led the team. Any time your starting 2-guard is your leading rebounder, you have an issue. And with no Brooks, this team suffers from a lack of talent.

College Fantasy Hoops Insider: Bold Predictions: Big East

Does anyone out there play Fantasy College Basketball? I created my own BIG EAST  league back in the day to run with my friends, and it was pretty fun. I believe my top player was Carl Krauser (who now plays in the Virgin Islands apparently) . I didn’t win. Anyways, if you do play fantasy BIG EAST basketball a) Tell me where the heck you do this! and b) don’t draft Vincent Council too high because this site says he will be a bust.

However, looking past the surface numbers I see a few red flags. First, Keno Davis is gone. More specifically, his up tempo style of play that allowed the Friars to jack up shots with impunity is gone. Providence will be playing at a slower pace under new head coach Ed Cooley. With the fewer amount of possessions, he becomes less attractive.

Lastly, I should mention that bust is relative to where you draft him. Council can still be useful as he’ll have the ball in his hands a lot and should rack up assists, but based on his per game numbers from a year ago, he’ll probably be going in round one or round two of your draft. I don’t think his production this year will justify taking him that highly.

Friar Basketball: Post-Ledo Commitment Quick Hits

Mr. Jeff Goodman, you sir have been PWND

Goodman isn’t the first, nor will he be the last to raises questions about Ledo, and we can only wait to see how his career plays out at Providence, but pointing out his AAU teams’ struggles this July, while ignoring winning performances against some of the best competition in the country prior to this summer, seems like either a lack of research or something more disingenuous. Friar Athletics Town Hall Meeting

I hope Ed Cooley is well versed in the art of bringing back the dead, because Keno Davis slowly murdered the fan base over the last several years. This Town Hall Meeting is a great idea to bring those season ticket holders back. I just hope they will not be ZOMBIES.


As a former season ticket holder, new men’s basketball Head Coach Ed Cooley and new men’s ice hockey coach Nate Leaman would like to share with you the vision of their respective programs in a “Town Hall Setting”

Please join us on Thursday, September 22nd at 6:00 p.m. in Alumni Hall’s Mullaney Gym. Each guest will have the opportunity to ask questions and tour all the updated Providence College Athletic Facilities.  Beverages and light fare will be provided.

Providence Journal:  Bill Reynolds: Football still calls the shots in college sports

I HATE college football.

So now we have the Big East looking to add more football schools — maybe up to as many as three more — which would give the conference 12 football schools and make the Big East a big, sprawling conference split philosophically between football and basketball. Common sense says it would inevitably split for good, leaving the Friars in what ostensibly would be a Catholic league.

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