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BlueGrass Hoops: Nerlens Noel Still High on Kentucky

He’d have to be high on something to not want to join the revolution that Ed Cooley is putting together, am I right or am I right? Apparently Syracuse is also recruiting him the hardest. The nerve! Will the Friars be on his final list of schools that will be out later this month? Noel is apparently cutting his list down to 7 or 8 very soon, and you would have to think Providence makes that list.

“Kentucky is in a good position right now.” Noel commented.

However, it looks like the Wildcats also have some heavy competition for the 7-footer. Syracuse is going hard after Noel, and with midnight madness looming, he has yet to pick a destination; The Orange, along with Kentucky are in consideration right now, and both look to be prime spots for Noel to land in mid-October for the first practice of the year.

Friar Basketball: 38 in 76: #25 New England Points go to College

If it wasn’t for Kris Dunn, this article would have caused me to gently sob for several minutes.

Providence fans will be able to watch the growth of each from a different perspective, without asking “What if?” for once, as the Friars will have their own New England star point guard to do battle with Napier and Carter-Williams in the Big East beginning in 2012.  
Tharpe, Napier, and Carter-Williams were part of one of the best point guard classes New England has ever seen (even if Napier jumped a year early) and will add extra intrigue for local fans who followed them on the prep circuit in recent seasons.

WPRO: Five Factors: Providence and the Big(ger) East

I really dislike college football. Would I feel differently if PC actually had a football team? Probably. But we don’t. so eff it!

 Possibly the biggest fear of this is that the Big East could collapse under it’s weight of having a 16 (soon to be 17 with TCU joining next year in all sports) team basketball conference with only eight (soon to be nine) football schools creating an imbalance which could cause the football schools to depart and leaving the basketball-only schools going their separate ways into other conferences or forming a new basketball-only conference together. 

Rumble in the Garden: The bomb drops: freshmen Sampson, Pelle, Garrett all ineligible (updated w/ quotes)

Dear Ricky Ledo. Please take note of this and start kicking ass in the schoolroom like you would out on the court. Oh, and if you have any spare time please run out to your nearest brick and mortar book store (if they still exist) and pick a copy of Gilgamesh, and all the other books you’ll need next year for Western Civ. Even though you won’t remember a lick of anything from that class, get a jump on it!

The news that the 6’10 Norvel Pelle, the 6’8 Jakarr Sampson, and the 6’6″ Amir Garrett all failed to qualify is shocking, since St. John’s seemed to be confident that all the Red Storm players would qualify.

 But even more importantly, those are all the players who could theoretically play in the post with the 6’8″ God’sGift Achiuwa. 

The Cowl: Marshon Brooks is Ready to Shine

Next season, barring an NBA lockout, Marshon will be taking his talents to NBA arenas throughout the country, while the man he passed the baton off to will be trying to get a young Friars team back on track and proving to people that he was the only man for the job opening on the sidelines of the Dunk. One thing is for sure, he will be doing work on and off the court. 

YouTube: Ryan Gomes in Vegas Summer League

Or “Lockout League” as they like to call it. Ryan Gomes has been playing in it, and apparently on a team with Mo Williams. Here are two videos from the 2nd day of action showing two of Ryan’s buckets thanks to passes from Mo Williams.

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