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Rumble in the Garden: Big East Blogger Roundtable: biggest loss

Pico from the St. John’s blog “Rumble in the Garden” put together a great roundtable of all the BIG EAST bloggers out there. The first installment posed the question of who would be the biggest loss for their team.  SHOCKER: Kevin from Friar Basketball and myself both picked Marshon. Many thanks to Pico for rounding up everyone and getting this out. Here is what I wrote:

Although the crowd might get confused about what to cheer about when they don’t see Ray Hall come off the bench.The Friars will need to replace Marshon’s great scoring ability used across an almost 30% possession percentage (49th in the nation). Friartown is praying the team’s possession count drops considerably with an emphasis on defense and a more structured offense.

Friar Basketball: 38 in 76: #22 Cotton’s Niche

Oh yeah, we have players that are playing this year! Kevin takes a look at the role Bryce Cotton will play with all the talent coming in at the guard position for the next two seasons.

Where does that leave Cotton? With a season to establish a niche on this team. Where that will most likely come is on the defensive end.  The six foot guard is in phenomenal physical condition heading into this season.  He is physically equipped to defend point guards at this level, but would certainly help his case as a member of next season’s rotation if he proves he can hold his own against shooting guards in the conference (more specifically, shooting guards 6’4 and under).

Twitter: BrewsterHoops

This morning, Coach La Fleur tweeted (IN ALL CAPS, BECAUSE THAT’S HOW HE ROLLS) that they had flown in somewhere to “get some friars”. Well, we found out what he and Cooley were up to when Brewster Hoops of NH tweeted.

#Providence head coach Ed Cooley makes return trip to #Brewster today and will have @CoachDre_PC with him.
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There were obviously there to see former St. John’s commit JaKarr Sampson. They were not alone however, as @BrewsterHoops tweeted that the Baylor head coach was to visiting. Baylor was on Sampson’s final three list before committing to the Johnnies (he was ruled ineligible this season and subsequently de-comitted). I hope Cooley has a little Marlo in him. Our turf Scott Drew!

Twitter: Marshon Brooks

New York Knicks, (Brooklyn officially!) Nets. Fight to the death! I have no idea what this image is about, but Marshon is posing here with Knick Iman Shumpert.

New York Post: Ladies and Gentlemen, the Brooklyn Nets

Speaking of Marshon, time for a new jersey!

The subtle and expected name change – which isn’t official until approved by the NBA’s Board of Governors – was announced during a spectacle of a press conference Monday held in front of the construction site of the $1 billion Barclays Center. Minority owner Jay-Z made a grand entrance, proclaimed the team as “the Brooklyn Nets” – along with news that he’ll open the arena with a concert in September of next year – and then was escorted out of the tent in a hurry.

WPRO: Conference Musical Chairs

I don’t think we are out of the woods yet by any means.

After a weekend of chaos and uncertainty the dust is finally starting to settle and everyone is breathing a little easier.Syracuse and Pitt are gone from the Big East starting in 2014, with their incendiary actions they also burn away the traditions and culture they built from the infant days in the Big East.

Washington Post: Connecticut governor confirms UConn wants into ACC, says decision not expected soon

“Beyond that, then you fall back to the Big East,” he said “The Big East then has to rebuild itself to fill the loss of the two teams that left and has to worry about its ability to compete on the major sports of basketball and football in particular, as well as how do we make that work for student athletes.”

Cue the “Safety school calling us a safety conference” jokes.

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