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Rumble in the Garden:  Blogger roundtable: the newcomers we’re excited to see

The latest installment of the BIG EAST roundtable. For newcomer I was most excited with, I went with the FOCUS MACHINE.

Can I do a “what” here instead? During Ed Cooley’s initial press conference, he said “I love the treadmill in practice. I call it the focus machine. If you can’t focus in practice, you’re going to go to the focus machine.” Friar fans ate this up and with good reason.

The lack of discipline and accountability constantly plagued the Keno Davis error, so it’s great hearing that Cooley plans to get Friartown focused.

Friar Basketball:  38 in 76: #20 Ten Must-see Games

I am excited for all the BIG EAST games that Kevin mentioned, but I am really looking forward to Cooley’s first game in the URI series. One of these days we will win at the Ryan Center. I just hope it doesn’t snow again.

December 23 at Rhode Island: Cooley can give Providence fans an early Christmas gift by defeating the Rams at the Ryan Center for the first time.  RICK PITINO BLOG 9-29-11

Admist the never ending talk of conference alignment (seriously, there is a new rumor on Twitter every day and I can’t take it anymore), Rick Pitino insists that the BIG EAST will not lose a step. Here is why:

Rutgers and Seton Hall have two outstanding young coaches who will turn things around and make great strides.

 DePaul will press their way back into competitiveness .

 Marquette is a team you should be concerned about when you get off the bus.

Georgetown, Villanova, Cincinnati, St. Johns, West Virginia, UConn, and Louisville will always be some of the strongest teams in college basketball.

 USF and TCU are a unique situation, but with two or three great additions to their rosters anything can happen.

Woh back up the bus slick Rick. BEEP BEEP BEEP.  What about Ed Cooley and the Friars (he also doesn’t mention Notre Dame for some reason)? I know you were one of the 4 teams to lose to the lowly Friars in the conference last year and might be a little embarrassed, but are you really going to mention Rutgers, Seton Hall, and MOTHER EFFING DEPAUL as reasons why the BIG EAST will be OK? After blogging some more, you might want to check out next year’s recruiting rankings.

UPDATE: Either I am an idiot (highly possible) or a paragraph was added for PC. I can’t imagine missing that at the end, although I am constantly sleep deprived.

The Cowl:  Cooley Promises “Something They Have Never Seen Before”

@CWHager cracked me up on Twitter with his comment on the article: “Defense? Unity? No arrests?”

Midnight Madness will be the first time the students will really see what Coach Cooley is all about. “I will do the ‘Dougie’with the team,” said Cooley. “I am also hoping to pull some students out onto the floor and have them compete to win some prizes.” Cooley wants everyone to know that he is in this for all of us. He isn’t recruiting 24 hours a day for himself or the team; he is doing it for the school and the city of Providence. We have ourselves a big man on campus now—Ed Cooley.  Boston Sports Night

Like people in Boston need another reason to drink!

Please join Athletic Director Bob Driscoll along with head men’s basketball coach, Ed Cooley, head women’s basketball coach, Phil Seymore, head men’s ice hockey coach Nate Leaman and head women’s ice hockey coach, Bob Deraney as we kick-off another exciting year in Friartown!

Date: October 05, 2011

Time: 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM

Location: The Black Rose, 160 State Street, Boston, MA

ClipperBlog:  NBA 2K12 ratings are leaked … And DeAndre Jordan should be upset

Ryan Gomes should probably be as well, because he is rated a 62.

For as bad as Ryan Gomes was last season, a 62 overall rating is pretty low. It’s borderline “he shouldn’t be playing at all.” Maybe I just differ in opinion, but I feel a mid-60s rating (64 or 65) would have been better. Yes, I’m that petty that a increase of two in Gomes’ overall rating would appease me (Gomes’ B+ outside shooting grade is higher than Gordon’s B grade … really 2K? Gordon is arguably the Clippers best shooter. Ugh. Moving on.).

Unfortunately, NBA Rookies are not going to be in the game until the lockout is resolved, so we are going to have to wait to see what Marshon Brooks gets.

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