St. Andrew’s Coach Michael Hart Elaborates on Ricardo Ledo and Providence College

@FriarFrenzy —  October 4th, 2011 5:38 PM —  Comments
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In a recent article that focused primarily on the verbal commitment to Brown of  St. Andrews (RI) star Center, Cedric Kuakumensah a brief reference was attributed to St. Andrew’s Head Coach Michael Hart regarding Ricardo Ledo, who played for Hart while at St. Andrew’s.  The article stated Hart “remains on the fence about whether the Ledo-PC relationship can work”.

I reached out to Coach Hart for further insight and he indicated it was more a concern that ‘negative outside influences in the area are hindering Ricardo’s progress’ as opposed to any direct potential issues between Ledo and Providence College.

In actuality Coach Hart is rooting for Ledo and feels PC is a good situation for him (other than the geography perhaps), “If there is one coach that can really help Ricardo it is Coach Cooley and I hope it works! I’ll be his biggest fan!!”

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