NERR on PC’s Visitors from Late Night Madness

dave@friarblog —  October 17th, 2011 12:21 PM —  Comments
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The “New England Recruiting Report” wrote up a story of all the visitors to Midnight Madness festivities across the region.

New England’s Weekend Visitors

An hour later, the Ed Cooley era officially began at Providence’s Late Night Madness as 3,000 fans packed their way into Alumni Hall.  Bryce Cotton scored his second consecutive dunk contest championship while alums like Ryan Gomes, Marshon Brooks, and Ernie DiGregorio served as judges.  There were plenty of recruits in the house to check out the festivities including all three members of the Friars heralded 2012 class, Ricardo Ledo,Kris Dunn, and Josh Furtune, the sharp-shooting swingman from Virginia.  Also on campus were underclassmen like Greg Senat, Adrian Oliveira, Matt Cimino, Rene Castro, and the entire Worcester Academy team.  Junior College All-American Orlando Sanchez was also on campus and has P.C. near the top of his list.

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