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Here is the Ed Cooley interview video from the site.

Ed Cooley (Providence) Interview at 2011 Media Day


Some notable quotes:

“Trust. We have to build our program on trust. We have to build it on a sense of urgency to recruit quality young men, student athletes, kids that want to share in a vision and a dream that we are going to try to bring to our city and state, and ultimately compete for what its all about, and thats the National Championship.”

“The more these young men are together away from the court the better bond they are going to have on the court.”

“We lack a lot of things, but the one thing we won’t lack is intensity.”

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The BIG EAST writers have spoken, and here is their preseason poll in lieu of BIG EAST Media Day on Wednesday.

1. Syracuse (6)
2. UConn
3. Louisville
4. Pittsburgh
5. Marquette
6. Cincinnati
7. West Virginia
8. Villanova
9. Notre Dame
10. Georgetown
11. Rutgers
12. St. John’s
13. Seton Hall
14. South Florida
15. DePaul
16. Providence

I’d be shocked and outraged, hadn’t we lost to DePaul last year in horrific fashion ending their losing streak. So yeah, we probably deserve to be here at this point (although DePaul’s injuries lead me to believe something else). Bad news, everything thinks we are going to ABSOLUTELY BLOW this year. Good news, there is nowhere to go BUT UP!

Cox Video from Late Night Madness

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Cox Sports posted a video from their broadcast of the Dunk Contest from last Friday’s Late Night Madness. Check it out below.

via CoxSports Twitter

The “New England Recruiting Report” wrote up a story of all the visitors to Midnight Madness festivities across the region.

New England’s Weekend Visitors

An hour later, the Ed Cooley era officially began at Providence’s Late Night Madness as 3,000 fans packed their way into Alumni Hall.  Bryce Cotton scored his second consecutive dunk contest championship while alums like Ryan Gomes, Marshon Brooks, and Ernie DiGregorio served as judges.  There were plenty of recruits in the house to check out the festivities including all three members of the Friars heralded 2012 class, Ricardo Ledo,Kris Dunn, and Josh Furtune, the sharp-shooting swingman from Virginia.  Also on campus were underclassmen like Greg Senat, Adrian Oliveira, Matt Cimino, Rene Castro, and the entire Worcester Academy team.  Junior College All-American Orlando Sanchez was also on campus and has P.C. near the top of his list.

With the pomp and circumstance of an upbeat and hopeful Late Night Madness in the books, and the ‘focus machine’ back and ready for action as the real work continues inside a program under transformation, it’s time to delve into some of the themes to follow this season.

Expectations & Will the defense rest?

The early pre-season polls are in and it is no surprise the Friars are a consensus bottom two or three pick in the Big East this year.  It may be tempting for some to focus on the top 5 nationally ranked recruiting class coming in next year and classify this year as insignificant, but nothing could be further from the truth.   Obviously record is always important and everyone wants wins, but this piece is not about a win loss prediction.  It is about what our eyes will tell us.  Yes, PC lost a huge component in NBA first round draftee Marshon Brooks, but this squad is largely the same defensively hapless group from last year, so it will be interesting to compare and see how they respond to Ed Cooley’s get stops first mantra out of the gate, and as the season progresses.
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Late Night Madness Dunk Videos

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Here are some dunk videos from Late Night Madness courtesy of student @JustBeingPaul.

Bryce Cotton won for the second straight year. The dunks weren’t as good as last year’s contest, but its good to see some of the action nonetheless.

Here is one of the better ones (I think of Gerard Coleman?).

Here is Kiwi Gardner.

And the rest

Check out more after the jump

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Dayshon Smith, a 2013 PG from Putnam Science (CT) is potentially taking a visit to Providence College today. He is on his way to the city of Providence right now, but he told me he was unsure if he was going to take the visit to the school (I’m assuming it would be an unofficial).

He was originally from Rice HS in New York City, but was forced to play elsewhere after the school shut down in July.

Here is a post about “Schoochie” from HoopRootz back in September.

Scoochie’s a high IQ player who knows how to run a club efficiently.  He attacks with the bounce and looks to use his court vision to create for teammates.  But what makes Smith such a dangerous back-court player is that he also has high-level scoring ability from the point, with a beautiful shooting-stroke off the catch 1-2 and the propensity to pull the trey-ball trigger in transition.  He also uses the dribble to go to the basket and will finish at the cup or look for a floater in the lane.  As he tightens up his pull-up game and gets stronger, allowing him to play through more contact, Smith’s scoring ability will continue to blossom.

Smith attended the Midnight Madness at St. John’s on Friday night after initially thinking about attending it at Rutgers. He also has interest from Fairfield, Penn State, Manhattan, Quinnipiac, Iona, St. Peters, and Syracuse.

UPDATE: Apparently he did not get to attend St. John’s Midnight Madness, and will NOT be visiting PC today.

Late Night Madness Intro Video

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Here is the video they showed last night during Late Night Madness. I thought this was extremely well done.

Late Night Madness Live Thread

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Are you going to Late Night Madness tonight? Are you watching it on tv? Or are you watching reruns of Monk since you don’t live in Rhode Island and can’t watch at all?

Let’s chat about it folks! This is the beginning of an era. THE ED COOLEY ERA in FRIARTOWN!

Image courtesy of POC4 on Twitter

More LNM Recruits Announced

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Kevin McNamarra of the Providence Journal announced on Twitter 3 more recruits who will be attending Friday’s Late Night Madness.

Rene Castro – 6’1″ PG 2013


Castro is a scoring combo-guard who can put the ball in the basket in a number of ways. If he can develop into more of a true point guard and learn to run the team while picking his spots more effectively his stock will only continue to rise.

Jared Terrell – 6’3″ SG 2014


 Best known as a physically mature straight line driver, Terrell showed some new elements to his game in July 2011. He established his pull-up as a weapon early and showed the confidence to continue utilizing it down the stretch of a tough game. He also slid over to the point and played with the ball in his hands on an exclusive basis. While still a scorer by nature, Terrell looked plenty comfortable running the show.

Orlando Sanchez – 6’8″ JUCO eligible for 2012

From ZagsBlog

Orlando is a complete package-type player. He has good size, can run the floor, can rebound and play defense, and is a game-changing shot-blocker. He can also step out and shoot the three. Coach Brustad said that he expects big things from this big player, who played for the Dominican Republic 21-under team.

He averaged 15.2 ppg, 5 rpg, 3apg, and 5 bpg for the DR national team.