Kiwi’s Status Still Up in the Air with NCAA, Batts May Not Play Saturday

dave@friarblog —  November 3rd, 2011 8:27 PM —  Comments
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The first Ed Cooley Radio Show took place at McFadden’s in Providence tonight. Apart from the usual preseason talk about having lots of work to do in Friartown, Coach provided some updates on the two players who sat out for the last exhibition game.

(Photo via @fallon87 on Twitter)

Unfortunately, there is STILL no word from the NCAA on the eligibility of Kiwi Gardner. Really NCAA? What on God’s earth are you waiting for? We aren’t the ones in a lockout you know, and have real games in NINE DAYS. Get on it asshats! #FreeKiwi.

The only good news regarding Kiwi is that he got his stitches out (he got elbowed last week in practice, and bit down on his tounge) and can now return to practice. At least Council can get rest in practice now!

Kadeem Batts, who was held out for “disciplinary reasons” against Assumption but has been practicing this week, may also miss Saturday’s final exhibition game against UMass-Lowell. When asked if he would play, Cooley responded “We’ll see”.

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  1. Az. mom says:

    FREE KIWI, FREE KIWI, FREE KIWI. Come on everybody say it with me. FREE KIWI, FREE KIWI, FREE KIWI! 

    1. friarblog says:

      Apparently “things look good” regarding the appeal! Just have to wait and see