Kadeem Batts Suspended Indefinitely

dave@friarblog —  November 5th, 2011 8:10 PM —  Comments
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After sitting out the first exhibition game for “disciplinary reasons”, Kadeem Batts’ status for the next game was pretty wait and see. It didn’t sound too serious, but the school and Coach Cooley were being pretty tight lipped about the whole situation. Well, before tonight’s final tuneup against UMass-Lowell, the school announced that Batts was suspended indefinitely.

According to Kevin McNamara of the Providence Journal:

Kadeem Batts, a sophomore forward at Providence College who may be the Friars’ top frontcourt player, has been suspended indefinitely for what the school is calling “failing to meet his obligations as a student-athlete.”

No reason for the suspension has been given but it appears Batts will miss multiple regular season games.

Damn you Western Civ!!!

Ed Cooley came into the program preaching discipline and academic focus. Was he just too late in trying to make an impact on the holdover players from the Keno Davis era? Buy hey, at least he was on the bench in a suit!

How will the Friars adjust without the big man who was sure to get plenty of minutes in the front court this year? Ed Cooley was probably unsure of some of the roles even with Batts in the lineup. He will surely try everyone out (well, not like he has a choice with possibly only 8 scholarship players available if Kiwi Gardner loses his appeal). Here was the starting lineup tonight against UMass-Lowell.






Even though LaDonte Henton should be able to contribute off the bat as a freshman, those three front court players had a total of 4.5 minutes per game experience last season (all Goldsbrough). If Cooley is trying to send Bilal Dixon a message by starting Kofane and Goldsbrough over him, I really hope he listens. If not, the long painful season could be even longer and more painful.

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  1. Coleman Cullen says:

    so what are your thoughts on Dixon being benched?  Will he start again? Any updates on Kadeem Batts and the suspension?  I am pretty curious on the update of this.  Any updated information that you have, I would love for you to let us know.

    1. friarblog says:

      I think Cooley is sending a message. Even though the roster is super thin it won’t mean gauranteed minutes for those that are left. Dixon needs to prove that is willing to be a hard worker out there and move past the problems of last year.

      As for Batts, I haven’t heard anything more than what is currently known. He is going to miss several games and we don’t know why he was suspended.

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