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Daniel "The Warrior Friar" James —  November 9th, 2011 3:45 PM —  Comments
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Everyone exhale – November 9th came and there were no last minute back outs (sorry St. Johns); nobody’s aunt is sick (that I know of); and as of 1 o’clock today, when the ink dried on Kris Dunn’s LOI it sealed the deal for the holy trinity of recruits for Providence College’s 2012 recruiting class, marking the first time since 1990 when Providence had the best overall class in the Big East and the first time since who knows when where they’ve had a nationally ranked top 10 class. If you’re even a remote Friar fan, your face probably is doing…well…

Not an overstatement by any means.


So what’re we looking at for recruits here? What’s the impact? Take a look below!

Ricky Ledo: “the hometown hero”

It’s been a wild and crazy recruitment but in the end Ricky signed the papers and became a Friar, following the footsteps of Marvin and Ernie, as well as head coach Ed Cooley, to represent Friartown. He seems genuinely thrilled, tweeting about it and referring to today as the best day of his life, so to say his enthusiasm for joining the Friars was high would be like calling the sky blue. Still, that kind of enthusiasm is great, and Ricky will add a much needed offensive finish to the Friars who don’t have that yet. There are doubts from people like Goodman who think he’s nothing but trouble but if there’s one thing I know it’s that Cooley will be a father to Ledo and raise him into a man. The risk doesn’t seem quite as bad when you recognize who’s going to be responsible for him.

Kris Dunn: “The Batman”

When point guard Kris Dunn and UCONN center Andre Drummond played together they referred to themselves as Batman and Robin, and many people thought they’d end up playing together in college. Well Drummond went to UCONN (don’t get me started on the scholarship thing…) and Kris, meanwhile, committed to Ed Cooley and Providence after Cooley had been on him hard while still coaching at Fairfield. I don’t know who was Batman in the analogy, but Kris Dunn is PC’s Batman. He’s coming in and he’s going to make life hell for all those that oppose him, he’s going to be a team leader on and off the court, and I hope that Adam West plays him in the movie adaptation of my novel Fanatic: I Bleed Black and White. Just kidding! Adam West is way too old for that role.

That aside, Kris is arguably the best point guard in the country for the 2012 class and to have him come to PC is epic. The only thing is I wouldn’t call him starting right away in replacement of what will be a senior and seasoned Vincent Council a certain thing – if I’m willing to guess though it’s whoever goes harder in practice and demonstrates a better discipline to Cooley will take that role, but you never know. When Batman does take the court a lot of special things will happen, and in this day and age when the game is so focused on the point guard having one like Kris Dunn is incredible, and I envision we’ll be seeing his name in the rafters of the Dunk (or the Warrior Friar Arena, the name of the on campus arena I’ll fund with the profits I get from my best selling book Fanatic).


Josh Fortune: ”The Silent Assassin”


Why the Silent Assassin? Because for the sharpshooter this man is said to be he doesn’t get the props he deserves, and flies silently (there it is!) under the radar. Locked up last year under Keno’s um, time, he remained committed to the program and showed his desire to be a Friar. While Dunn and Ledo will take the buzz from the media, Friar fans in the know recognize that Josh Fortune will be our ace in the hole with his accuracy and offensive talent. Paired up with Ledo and you could see some surprising offensive runs, and since Fortune is the Silent Assassin expect him to be the one to catch most teams off guard and hit them when they’re not looking. I give Fortune a lot of credit and I’m extremely proud he’ll be representing the Friars.

The fourth?

There’s been a lot of speculation that a 4th commit could be joining the holy trinity, making them the four horsemen (or something witty…) and it’s rumored to be a much needed big to bring depth into the frontcourt. As of right now nothing has leaked, but with Cooley’s press conference tomorrow at noon expect some noise to be heard if it’s true within the next 24 hours…

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