Cooley Hosts Presser Celebrating New Friars

Daniel "The Warrior Friar" James —  November 10th, 2011 1:05 PM —  Comments
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Today Cooley addressed fans and media for about 20 minutes to talk about the three new recruits that signed their name on the dotted line yesterday and officially became Friars. With all the buzz and hype Cooley has gathered without even coaching a single official game, this came as a good move to generate additional excitement going into his first regular season game Saturday. Plus, it’s nice to hear about sports without the words “Paterno,” “Penn State” or ” “incident” ” involved. Here’s a summary of the review:

  • There is no big man yet but we’re actively pursuing one
  • Cooley gives mad props to his assistants and was very selfless in sharing the stage, giving credit when credit was due and then some
  • This year should not be the exception, it should be the norm – every year Cooley wants a top recruiting class and only the best in the country
  • They need to fit his system and that includes the on court stuff as well as the off court discipline. You want to wear the black and white? You have to do things Cooley’s way, and his way is the right way.
  • The three young men fit his mission and he really loves each and every one of them
  • He sells recruits on the passion, fanbase, school, and arena which is a changeup from “we play in the Big East and…yeah, COME!” Finally, a coach that gets it and gets our culture.
  • Wants depth at every position but who doesn’t? The thing is Cooley will get it and get it right. He also mentioned that this depth should involve future lottery picks and Hall of Famers.
  • Next year will be great, but he wants to win this year. So you all need to get to these games. He’s hungry now, and you all should be as well.

Photo by @PCAthletics

In terms of the three recruits, he didn’t reveal too much we didn’t know. Rick Ledo is going to to grow at PC and help attract other players, and Cooley is going to make sure he gets to class on time. It was also cool to hear Cooley talk about how Rick committed both times because he really wants to be at PC, and that if you’re from Providence you want to stay there – there’s a special connection to that city that you wouldn’t understand if you weren’t a part of it, and that connection is what made everyone else waste their time trying to recruit Ledo since he was always coming to PC in the end.

On Kris Dunn Cooley spoke of him like he was his daughter’s fiancee…literally, he said that he wanted his daughter to marry someone like Kris because he’s a great leader on and off the court with an infectious personality. He also said that he never wavered when other schools came knocking at Dunn’s door because Kris has a loyalty and trust that kept Cooley and his team confident the whole time.  He also said that he would kiss his daughter’s first boyfriend before she did…so really what I’m getting at here is we learned a lot about Cooley the father, which is funny because he seems to love Kris like a son and it sounds like they have a great relationship with each other.

He referred to Josh Fortune as the Silent Killer because he went under the radar and can really knock them down (sound familiar? It should because I said that yesterday). He also mentioned Fortune has a great BBall IQ, but really he seemed more excited about Fortune the person, who seems very committed to PC on a personal level and is excited to play for Cooley.

Overall the press conference was really about these players as people and why they’ll be great representatives for PC, and not so much as players. You can read up on stats anywhere on the interwebs, but hearing about them as people is part of the reason that Cooley wanted them and part of the reason they came – it was interesting and revitalizing as a fan to hear that these guys are being brought in for reasons beyond they can put a ball in a hoop (though don’t get me wrong – that is a big reason why). That said, there wasn’t anything new to people who have been paying attention to PC or the signing period. Our class is nationally ranked, we have the best backcourt in the country (suck it Goodman!) and we’re all excited to see the future of Friartown.

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  1. friarblog says:

    Great writeup. We’ve known about this great class for awhile now, but it’s just so great to finally hear about Cooley talk about them and get even more excited

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