Vincent Council on Crutches

dave@friarblog —  November 16th, 2011 12:44 PM —  Comments
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According to multiple student reports, Vincent Council is on crutches today. He went down hard in the 1st half against Fairfield, and seemed to be in some pain grabbing his ankle. However, he was able to come right back into the game and didn’t seem too affected by it. He just continued on  flying up and down the court on the way to 26 points.

I’d imagine it’s just still sore (he was NOT wearing a boot, so that’s a good sign), so hopefully it’s nothing too serious. Luckily for the Friars, they don’t have to play until Saturday afternoon against Florida A&M. Having to play almost 40 minutes a game, maybe it’s good he will get some rest this week.

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  1. Daniel James says:

    thankfully this happened now when we have a week off before playing a lower team and not in the middle of the big east – though seeing him play saturday without seemingly affected would make me feel a lot better on the matter. 

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