Former Friar Head Coach Tim Welsh on Bernie Fine: “This guy has an impeccable reputation”

dave@friarblog —  November 18th, 2011 9:42 AM —  Comments
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By now everyone has heard the reported news of Syracuse coach Bernie Fine being accused of molesting ball boys starting in the late 70′s continuing into the 90′s. The university has already put Fine on administrative leave, but many close to the basketball program have been questioning the validity of the accusation, as Jim Boeheim basically called BS on the whole thing. Former Providence Head Coach Tim Welsh was an assistant at Syracuse from 1988-91, and had this to say regarding the situation.

“Every road game Syracuse played during my three years at Syracuse, my roommate on the road in the hotel was Bernie Fine. I’ve shared over probably, at least over 1,000 meals with him in my lifetime,” Welsh said on SNY. “This guy has an impeccable reputation, that’s all I can tell you about him and I don’t know anything about what’s been said tonight, I can’t put my arms around it right now…he is one of the most respected people in college basketball.

Here is the video (jump to the 2:00 for Welsh’s comments) from SNY’s coverage


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