Have a Drink at the #NCAABar

dave@friarblog —  December 4th, 2011 11:38 AM —  Comments
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Last night a pretty hilarious Twitter hashtag named #NCAABar exploded on the scene amongst the college basketball folks on the social media service. Started by John Infante of the Bylaw Blog, the idea was to come up with NCAA themed bar names with little funny descriptions.

For example:

@Covello5: “The Chris Webber” – ordering another drink when you have no money left….#ncaabar

I threw a lot of Providence Friars themed ones obviously. Here were mine:

@friarblog: ”The Keno Davis” – There’s never any cover #ncaabar #pcbb

@friarblog: “The God Shamgod”- Only serves handles, no shots #ncaabar #pcbb

@friarblog: “The Ed Cooley” – Previous owner ran bar into ground, still remodeling #ncaabar #pcbb

And of course, my BIG EAST themed one:

@friarblog: ”The Big East” – Some part owners want to only sell beer. Some want both beer and liquor, even though the liquor SUCKS. #ncaabar

Here are some other great Providence themed ones:

@CWHager: “The Drunken Welsh-men” – like an Irish bar but more overpriced, disappointing, and filled with regret. #ncaabar

@TTAPCBBall: “The Bryce Cotton” When the bartender gives you a shot but only after you yell at him for 30 minutes. #ncaabar

Here was my favorite from @AndyGlockner

“The Friar” – The nondescript religious dude who’s suddenly talking to two smoking hot chicks in the corner. #ncaabar
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Hey, Josh Fortune wants be a hot chick too!

Here are some other good BIG EAST themed ones:

@mburrill: The “hasheem thabeet”- never lets you score, but never scores either. #ncaabar

@DalyDoseOfHoops: The “Jay Wright” – Always the best dressed at the #ncaabar

@ecoastbias: The ‘Pittsburgh’: talks a big game, always too drunk to function when the bar gets crowded.

@scottiek3: “The Boeheim” At first you vouch for your buddy to get him in the #NCAAbar then he acts a fool and you feel like a dumbass for reppin him

@JPGuerette: The ‘Jeremy Hazell’- endless shots. #shbb #ncaabar

@AndyGlockner: “The Big East”: When other guys steal the women in your group and your response is to grab some randoms from the pub across town. #ncaabar

Anyone else got any good ones?

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