Ricky Ledo Scores 34 in Win Against Noel and Tilton

dave@friarblog —  December 5th, 2011 9:33 AM —  Comments
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Ricardo Ledo once again showcased his dominating skills on offense, as his South Kent team defeated a talented Tilton squad (albeit without big man Georges Niang) on Sunday afternoon at Hoop Mountain Prep Classic in Connecticut. He started out slow, but took over the game in the last part of the first half and finished with 34 points. Lots of coaches were in attendance, including Jim Calhoun, who probably sat next to Ed Cooley with a little envy over the future Friar’s skills.

Kevin at Friar Basketball has a great writeup of the game over on his site.

Ledo exploded offensively – hitting shots from well beyond the three point arc and finishing in traffic at times.  His 34 points will make headlines, and his 18 point outburst at the end of the first half was not only impressive, but completely turned the tide of the game.  There’s no denying his offensive ability and defeating a team featuring Noel, Selden, Okonoboh, and Missouri commit Dominique Bull will certainly help quiet rumblings from this summer about a poor record on the AAU circuit.  A fair critique is his shot selection, which is certainly questionable at times (he was more volume scorer this afternoon).  One of Ed Cooley’s biggest challenges in getting the most out of Ledo will be helping him to identify when and where to find his offense.

Conclusions from 2day: Rick Ledo is unstoppable, Tilton needs Niang to win big games, and Providence/Uconn are in for some recruiting wars.
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Here are some other tweets from people watching the performance.

@FinkelsteinNERR: and just for good measure he shakes his defender to floor and hits 3 to close half…make that 19 straight for Ledo #hmpc

@cbradleyNERR: Rick Ledo is the best scorer in America, I dare somebody to argue that.

@KJpoim33: Ricardo Ledo is nice! Made two people fall and banged a fade away 3 to end the half! #stud

@RIHoops: Terrence Ledo on fire with 19 straight putting South Kent up 37-26 at half. #unstoppable

@hooprootz: Ledo w/ 15 now after being scoreless 4 1st 10 minutes of the game..Ledo goes 1 on 1 and drills 3 as 1st half ends..18 now. 37-26 SK @ break

@oh_boy_shaun: Ricky ledo is frying Tilton right now lol

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  1. Simondwash says:

    Ledo is not unstoppable! It’s clear by the video that they have some slow kid guarding him and falling over himself. His shot is unpolished and PC will remain in the gutter!

  2. 1nceUGo(Friar)Black says:

    Was at the game, Ledo is as legit a scorer as I have ever seen in 30yrs on this Earth and 25yrs following hoops. Apparently dipshit missed the part of the highlight where he took it right to Noel.

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