Warrior’s Recap – Friars Wipe out the Bears

Daniel "The Warrior Friar" James —  December 6th, 2011 10:14 AM —  Comments
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41. Chris Carters number and also the number of points we lead lead by with 2:34 left on the game clock before Carter checked in. Yes it was one of those games – you know, the kind where you feel so God awful for the team being beaten for about 9/10′s of a second and then you remember that they made the mistake of coming into OUR HOUSE and trying to play us on our own court and win. At one point this might’ve been a trap game – Brown is simply SO BAD as a team that losing to them would be awful, but Cooley had a few traps of his own and at the end of the night the bears were down by 41 and trapped like mice.

Not this one though - this one is smart as hell and lives in my girlfriends house, which is probably why all the mouse traps haven't worked (hi Sarah!).

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What Happened? I don’t like saying games were over before they were even started, but c’mon – Brown is not threat. I think the anticipation of their victory over URI made them suddenly become a surprise “what if we do lose?” situation – kind of like what if things went wrong after the German’s bombed Pearl Harbor?

I learned a lot from Animal House - mainly that I'm far too similar to John Belushi in lifestyle for my own good.

the Friars lit Brown up earlier and torched them hard, but it was in that weird way where you watch a game and you feel like you’re up by 3 and you check the scoreboard and realize “oh wait, we’re winning by f*cking 20 in the first half” and you breathe a sigh of relief. I like these games because winning by that much can get boring but if the intensity stays it’s like playing a video game on easy mode and kicking ass at it but loving it for how easy it is. I can’t even tell you at what point it was a contest because, truthfully, it didn’t seem like one.

What was the Hype? Brown is…a rival? I guess. They don’t really care about basketball it seems, and the PC/Brown rivalry has always been hockey based but there’s something unbelievably satisfying about beating them. Maybe it’s that their students annoy me because they’re so arrogant it literally has made my nose bleed, maybe it’s because whether or not they’re good beating them is one game closer to being kings of RI for the season – I couldn’t tell you, I’m not a psychologist. At the end of the day what are they than merely an ivy league school that also has basketball? Truthfully, I don’t know if there’s that much hype on the battle of the Providence Hills (Smith and College, fyi) as most people are more focused on the real Battle of the Hills (Smith and Chestnut) coming up on Thursday. I was surprised there were exactly 5,002 fans in attendance because it felt like far less. I imagine everyone is preparing for Thursday’s match up with the Eagles. Jolly good.

Even though the defense won the game, Vincent Council made it rain so much that this image showed up on google as "Vincent Counciling"

Stat of the night: Providence limited Brown to 29% shooting and 30% from 3 point land. Defense wins, and wins big. Furthermore, they limited Brown to 19 points in the first half and 49 points total in the game, 9 of those came after the subs had come in and PC was basically letting the walk-ons get some practice in.

additional stat: PC was the only Big East team that won tonight – a fact I don’t relish in because I like St. Johns (when they don’t play us) and I want to see them do well, and it just benefits everyone if DePaul wins but they didn’t.

Most frustrating stat of the night: Look, foul shooting sucks and 50% is awful but I’m not gonna talk about that. Actually, I don’t have much to talk about in terms of this – overall it was a very sound game with everyone contributing. Um…I guess Bilal went back to his old ways? No points, three rebounds, and one block in 18 minutes doesn’t scream great to me so I suppose that’s frustrating.

 And Now, Chowdah

Chowder to Go: Ron Giplaye

Ron wins this award for the second time in a row, mainly because he’s starting to play better but better doesn’t translate into great. He had a solid game tonight and has been showing that he can learn the system if given the opportunity, but his test will come away from the Browns and Bryants and towards the St. Johns and the Syracuses’ – this is when we’ll need him most. For now color me impressed (or don’t color me anything cause I already showered today) but I need to see he can do more and doesn’t fade away, a la Father Figure Dixon.

Chowdah and Crackahs: Gerard Coleman

Gerard Coleman has become the player we all wanted him to be – the only reason he’s so low is because there were simply better performers than him on the court tonight. The fact remains however, is that he’s a great player to have on this team and really completes a fantastic back court dynamic with either Council, Cotton, or both on the floor with him at once. Now that he’s doing things right and has proved that he is what we wanted him to be his challenge will be to develop beyond that. In my perspective he’s a first round shooting guard IF he 1) develops his right hand, 2) develops his shooting/FT’s, and 3) develops a lock down defensive style. The dude has unlimited potential, and I imagine Cooley will extract that like toothpaste from a tube until it’s completely maxed out and Gerard is the superstar we believe he can be.

Chowdah Bread Bowl: Vincent Council

Why? Because he’s Vincent f*cking Council, that’s why.

Moar Chowdah Than You can Handle: LaDontae Henton

LaDontae is probably my favorite player this year because he really is the complete package. He plays team basketball, hustles on both ends, and makes smart decisions with the ball. On top of that he’s been a class act and great representation for this program, conducting himself extremely well in press conferences. He’s a piece to the frontcourt puzzle we’ve seen on other teams for years but could never land on our own, and now he’s representing everything we love about Friar ball with a very humble and grateful attitude. The Brown game was merely a statline, but how he plays on the court and carries himself off the court will significantly impact this program for the better. Someone feed this man all the Chowdah in the world!

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