Ed Cooley is “Bout It Bout It”

dave@friarblog —  December 11th, 2011 9:15 PM —  Comments
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At halftime of the Providence / South Carolina game earlier this month, Adrian Branch of ESPNU had an interesting way of describing Ed Cooley.

“When you have the respect from the street to the elite, you’re doing something right. He’s what they say, is ‘Bout it Bout it”.

Apparently I’m not too well versed in “they” these days, because I had honestly no idea what the guy was talking about. From some Google searching and people talking “bout it” on Twitter, it seems to be some Master P song.

Cause I’m bout it, I mean I’m rowdy
I hang with these killas that everyone talk about
we doin’ this, we doin’ that (we doin’ what)
we in the studio rippin’ up dope tracks
Cause we real, you betta guard your grill
Cause if we bout it, bout it
if you ain’t bout it, bout it you might get killed

Um, OK?

Anyways, here is the video which I finally got around to uploading.

Here is some Master P for your listening and viewing pleasure.

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