The Professors at Friarblog Dish Out First Semester Grades

dave@friarblog —  December 16th, 2011 8:29 PM —  Comments
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The first semester of games are over, so it’s time to take a look at all the individual performances that lead to the Friars 9-2 out of conference record. Each member of Friarblog reached into their notebooks and compiled grades for the official first semester report cards. No matter what the grades ended up being, at least we now look damn good with the tweed patches on our leather jackets . Or is it the other way around?

Here is a snapshot of the full player report card. Read on below for the full detailed reports from each professor.

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Vincent Council  A+  A A
Gerard Coleman  A  A-  A-
Bryce Cotton B+  A-  B+
LaDontae Henton A  A A
Bilal Dixon  D  D  D
Ron Giplaye  C-  C C+
Brice Kofane  C+  C+  C
Lee Goldsbrough  C-  D+  B-
Chris Carter A+ A+ -
Kadeem Batts I I I
Kiwi Gardner W/D W/D W/D


Coach  Ed Cooley: A+

Coach Cooley has set a clear tone for his tenure (see Batts, Kadeem and yanking starters early for walkons on two different occasions), and has changed the culture of Providence Friars basketball. There were no bad losses, and the team bounced back strong after a bad showing in South Padre Island.

Vincent Council: A+

How have the Friars dealt with the loss of Marshon Brooks so far? As of right now, only 5 players have made more field goals in the country this season. The General is also 12th in the country in assists per game (6.545), and rocks a healthy 37.7% assist percentage.

Bryce Cotton: B+ 

Given his expectations coming into the season, it may seem a little insane for Cotton to get anything less than an A++. However, now that he has stepped up to be a big part of the Friars offense, being a non-factor in 4 of the 11 games (especially in the two losses) dropped him down a grade. The extra plus was for single-handedly helping avoid a disastrous loss against Bryant.

Gerard Coleman: A

Laying off the three (in five games he didn’t attempt any, and five others he only took 1), getting to the line often and hitting them, rebounding, and running the floor as always. He has also scored in double digits every game. Lots of improvement so far. Remember when he didn’t start games?!?

LaDontae Henton: A

Coach Cooley said that he doesn’t consider Buckets a freshman anymore because he’s played in a bunch of games and is now simply “A college basketball player”. Good thing the BIG EAST still considers him one, because the Rookie of the Week awards would be awkward to receive.

Bilal Dixon: D

With Kadeem Batts out the whole semester, Bilal Dixon had to step up given his experience. Three or four decent games out of 11 is just not getting it done.

Ron Giplaye: C-

Inconsistent minutes, inconsistent on defense. At least he’s consistent with poor foul shooting! Hack a Gip!

Brice Kofane: C+

Kofane is providing exactly what we thought he would – raw offensive capabilities (get him some MAN HANDS), and some spurts of great defense. The plus is awarded for doing something I feel all kids of America should be doing – rejecting Boston College.

Lee Goldsbrough: C-

Provided some decent rebounding and hustle early on in the season, but has only seen 13 minutes of total action since returning from South Padre Island.

Chris Carter: A+



Vincent Council: A

He’s at his best when exploding to the basket with a pass first attitude. The challenge there is the Friars need scoring out of Council so he has to get out of his comfort zone a bit at times and that has showed with some inconsistent performances from a scoring standpoint. That said, Council carries a ton of responsibility and seemingly always finds a way to help the team. He deserves respect as one of the top guards in the league. Council is an iron man, the Friars’ leader and most complete player.

Gerard Coleman: A-

Coleman has been solid and is starting to figure out he has enough talent to stay within himself and remain productive. He accepted and excelled in the early season role coming off the bench. That experience appears to have helped Coleman’s development as he is letting the game come to him and not forcing the action so much. He has taken just ten threes, making only two, and is shooting two-pointers at a
47.8% clip. Further, Coleman is getting to the line (6.6 FT per game) and has improved his shooting upon arrival (71.2%). Coleman’s productivity and shooting cooled over the last three games but I would attribute that to the heavy workload given his minutes and the schedule more than anything else.

Bryce Cotton: A-

I had Cotton targeted pre-season as a breakout candidate figuring he was going to benefit from big minutes, but never envisioned this dramatic a leap. Cotton is the Friars barometer, averaging 18.9 points-per-game in their nine wins and just three in the two losses. It will be interesting to see if Cotton can continue to have success when the competition stiffens. Getting to the foul line with regularity will help as Cotton is stroking the freebies at a sizzling 92.3%.

LaDontae Henton: A

Another guy who has stepped up and filled some of the Marshon Brooks scoring gap that many feared would be an issue. Henton is improving and gaining confidence with each game. Billed largely as a scorer, ‘Buckets’ was a proven rebounder in high school as well and that part of his game is translating well at the collegiate level (8.5 RPG). Henton will have to elevate his game yet another notch when
conference play begins but, other than wear and tear due to the minutes and a longer season, there is no reason to think Henton will not continue to prosper.

Ron Giplaye: C

We finally got a chance to see Giplaye get some regular playing time, although still averaging just 8.4 minutes per game and the results have been mixed. His stay on the floor depends on defense and rebounding. Overall he is getting a rebound for every 2.96 minutes played which leads the team (Did I just make up a stat? Ken Pom who?). However Giplaye has had lapses on defense, leading to quick hooks, particularly when he drifts away from the basket, where he tends to pick up a lot of “nickel-dimer” fouls to quote the esteemed Bill Raftery. The game still moves fast for Giplaye, and he does not appear all that confident as a result. Both could improve with added playing time, but he has to earn that first. I want to see him battle more down low on both ends.

Brice Kofane: C+

A (redshirt) freshman, I had really no major expectations for Kofane at all. He has encouraged with his ability to block or alter shots and run the floor. Basically everything else in his game needs work and the fear is that he will get moved around too much against the larger bodies of the Big East.

Bilal Dixon: D

Dixon remains an enigma. He has shown flashes, see South Carolina and Boston College, but has yet to find that freshman form. Dixon is pulling down 4.0 rebounds per game in limited minutes (3.43 MIN/REB) but it is consistency Ed Cooley is after and Dixon has yet to deliver.

Lee Goldsbrough: D+

A role player who has played his role, Goldsbrough benefited early on by exerting effort on the defensive end and on both backboards. That said, he is not strong enough to hang with quality bigs down low and not athletic enough to handle someone with perimeter skills. Offensively he is tentative and basically a non-factor, taking only seven shots and six free throws in 125 minutes. His role has diminished of
late, playing less than five minutes in each of the last five games, and should shrink even further when Kadeem Batts gets back in the rotation.

Kadeem Batts: I

Expected back against UNH, hopefully Batts has learned his lesson and is prepared to get with the program. Actions (or non-actions perhaps in this case) have consequences. Batts is a key guy if this team is going to have any Big East success.

Chris Carter: A+

Dude has played in meaningful minute situations and has accorded himself nicely. Carter is shooting 100% from 3-point land (2-2), and is setting an example for people not paying for college.

Kiwi Gardner: #FreeKiwi

Just bummed we will not have a chance to see him play this year.


PhD in Awesome and Doctorate in Fundamentalsand Application of Ass Kicking

Gerard Coleman: A-

Professor’s notes: Gerard has shown he can flourish in a new system that isn’t designed around a free
for all firing of the three ball (say that 5 times fast) and truly is the top 50 guard coming out of high
school we expected him to be. After providing spark off the bench Gerard has found himself in the
starting lineup with about 38-40 minutes a game. He’s a crucial piece to the puzzle but still has very
bad defensive lapses and offensive mistakes. On top of that he has no right hand whatsoever. A- for the
semester but that grade will go down if he doesn’t continue the growth we’ve seen from him.

Bryce Cotton: B+

Professor’s notes: Bryce has emerged as quite a surprise but unfortunately is afraid to participate. He
often deflects relying on himself and has a pass first mentality, so his grade is lowered based on his
participation. When he doesn’t second guess himself, as most recently seen on the class about Bulldogs,
he can exceed all expectations.

Vincent Council: A

Professor’s notes: Mr. Council is on his way to achieving greatness with his ability to respond to a
directed coach and a well balanced system. He finds ways to be a team player at all times and, when
he’s not participating in the scoring, he finds ways to get his teammates to score. A natural leader
assuming responsibility of his team, perhaps the only thing Vincent has trouble with is when he’s
having an off day of scoring that seems to disrupt his ability to get into the flow of the game.

LaDontae Henton: A

Professor’s notes: Who couldn’t ask for a better surprise than a first year student coming in and
participating the entire class, addressing difficult situations with confidence, and takes responsibility
for the mistakes he makes? I can’t find one bad thing to say to him. Fifty points to Ravenclaw! (cause
FUCK GRYFINDOR that’s why!)

Ron Giplaye: C+

Professor’s notes: Ron has made himself more active this year and found himself starting, but his time
is limited and he needs work on his offensive game and switch defense. He’s a no-BS brute with stones
of steel and a firey passion but he needs to develop if he wants to really help this team.

Lee Goldsbrough: B-

Professor’s notes: Lee participated a lot at the beginning of the semester but dappered off. He was
less concerned about his statline and more about facilitating the flow of the game. Not a bad body to
have when you can play with an extra man or the team a man less like in hockey, but in basketball it
becomes problematic when you can only rely on the player to facilitate and not much else.

Brice Kofane: C

Professor’s notes: Brice needs a lot of work but shows early promise on defense, especially in blocking
shots. His biggest problem is that he can be snapped like a twig by a gentle breeze he’s so damn tiny,
but should he bulk up and become more confident in other facets of his game he should be okay. One
thing to note is that his hands have gotten better since the beginning of the season, and though they’re
still not great by any means he’s catching the ball better.

Bilal Dixon: D

Professor’s notes: Bilal is a student who shows up to class and forgets to take his headphones off
because he forgot, which doesn’t matter because he forgot to plug them into his music, which doesn’t
matter because he forgot his iPod and has been looking through his wallet for music for the past 3 days,
which doesn’t matter because he’s not paying attention to what’s going on anyway. He’s a space cadet
blasting off on one of those quarter-to-ride kiddie machines outside of Stop and Shops. It’s a shame
because the one time he did participate (during the South Carolina game) he showed that he is capable
of being competitive and can be important to this team.

Kadeem Batts: I

Professor’s notes: Kadeem has been studying with everyone else outside of class but has yet to actually
attend one himself. His reasons are valid so rather than fail him or withdraw he’ll be given an I for the
semester and make up the course second semester, albeit the course is increasingly more difficult.

Kiwi Gardner: W/D

Professor’s notes: Kiwi loves class, but he was forced to withdraw from it before syllabus week. He
could be back to retake next semester.

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  1. Msurette says:

    These grades are a little out of wack… Who in their right mind would give Lee a B- for what?? being a ghost in the 20+ minutes a game he got in the beginning of the season, the guy is useless.. Bryce not cracking the A- is pretty absurd considering he has had some monster games thus far and you guys are a little to tough on Bilal.. he has shown glimpses that he can be the player he was his RS Freshman season and if his minutes go up I feel like he will do so on a consistent basis

    1. friarblog says:

      Thanks for the comment Msurette

      I agree with the comment about Bryce. He has been unbelievable based on what we thought he was going to bring coming into the season. However, I think his performances down in South Padre Island were pretty bad. That being said, he did bounce back from it and put together more great games.

      Bilal, sorry not buying it. He’s had what, 2 pretty good games, and 2 with good spurts? Sorry, with Batts out and the fact that he’s a junior, that is below expectations.

    2. Daniel James says:

      fair enough – lee was the hardest to grade because, unlike everyone else where their minutes correlated to their stat line, lee was more of a background job contributor. i looked at is as during our first games when he had a ton of minutes he was responsible for ensuring offensive and defensive flow went uninterrupted, something a majority of our frontcourt coudn’t do at the time because they hadn’t developed. if we didn’t have lee’s contributions early on those games might’ve been losses or at least a lot closer than they should’ve been. 

  2. Daniel James says:

    I forgot to grade carter but he gets an A+. He doesn’t seem much court time but he’s put his heart and soul into this team, stands up for his teammates and his coach, and is always showing support. it shows when he’s on the court but also when he’s off, and to me he embodies a unique spirit in a basketball teammate that this friar team is lucky to have.

    1. friarblog says:

      I almost gave Ted Bancroft an A, just for getting out on the court and proving he was an actual person

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