Keepin’ it Casual: Q & A with Casual Hoya

dave@friarblog —  December 30th, 2011 11:21 AM —  Comments
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In prep for tomorrow’s game against Georgetown, I exchanged some questions with the Georgetown Blog “Casual Hoya”. For our answers to his questions, head on over there.

Friarblog: The Friars should have a good team next season, but I’m always looking for a little extra edge. Do you recommend getting involved in some sort of international brawl this summer? What are some steps we can take to make that run smoothly?

Casual Hoya: Based on Georgetown’s performance after the incident in China, I highly recommend getting involved in any and all international brawls. Now that there appears to be a leadership gap in North Korea, I’d focus your efforts on arranging a scrimmage over there. Plus sides to such a game could be giant portraits of Ed Cooley paraded around various North Korean venues and thousands of cheering North Korean military personnel after Providence’s blowout victory that will be reported as a loss.

Friarblog: So aren’t you guys supposed to be rebuilding or something this year? Can the Hoyas keep this up?

Casual Hoya: Good question. This was indeed supposed to be a rebuilding year for Georgetown but the freshmen have played beyond their years. Otto Porter, Greg Whittington and Jabril Trawick have played like well-seasoned juniors, so Georgetown’s bench which was perceived as a preseason weakness has actually become one if its key strengths. Whether Georgetown can keep this up will eventually depend on Henry Sims’ ability to maintain his early season level of play and provide a viable post presence, but for now we’re certainly enjoying riding this Delusion Wave to whatever beach it winds up crashing on. (Note: New Orleans does not have a beach)

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Friarblog: If the Friars are going to pull off the upset on the road, what do you think needs to happen?

Casual Hoya: I’ve heard a lot in the offseason about how Ed Cooley has transformed Providence into a gritty team that should be able to compete with anyone, and then you guys go ahead and open Big East play by getting shellacked by the Johnnies. I don’t think the Friars can win this game just yet, unless somehow you are able to petition the NCAA to allow Kris Dunn and Ricky Ledo to play immediately, and then perhaps get Nerlens Noel to guard Sims.

Friarblog: Providence tends to have problems rebounding and has a very weak front court. Please tell me Georgetown doesn’t have any good forwards or centers.

Casual Hoya: If Henry Sims, Nate Lubick, Hollis Thompson and Otto Porter don’t play, then Georgetown doesn’t have any good forwards or centers. I hope that helps.

Friarblog: PC needs to push the pace if they are going to have any chance. Will they be able to get the Hoyas in a running game, and if so how will they respond?

Casual Hoya: Getting the Hoyas to play up tempo and in transition was certainly what Memphis tried to accomplish, and you saw what happened there…TWICE. This Georgetown team is different from years’ past, in that the aforementioned freshmen aren’t going to get lost in transition and can the team’s new commitment to defense has been effective against it. Primarily though it’s difficult to get into transition against the Hoyas because offensively Georgetown is very efficient and makes shots, which has the effect of thwarting a team’s ability to get out on the break. Memphis is a more athletically talented squad than Providence, so while pushing the pace may be the friars’ best chance at winning, it probably won’t work.

Friarblog: Where does Otto Porter stand amongst the top freshman in the conference?

Casual Hoya: Porter has been a revelation, and aside from perhaps UConn’s Andre Drummond has been the Big East freshman who has contributed most to his team’s success. Most Hoya fans will tell you that they feel extremely confident with the ball in Porter’s hands at any time, as he can feed the post, make jumpers, drive to the hoop, crash the boards, and rarely makes bad decisions. It’s tough to imagine where this Georgetown team would be without Porter, but it wouldn’t be sitting at 11-1 and coming off a win at Louisville.

Friarblog: For any Friar fans in the DC Area, what are some recommended hot spots to grab some brews and watch BIG EAST basketball?

Casual Hoya: The very best place to go is Hooters in Chinatown right by the Verizon Center. The girls are top-notch, the service is excellent, the beers are cold, and the wings are plentiful. Let me emphasize that the girls are top-notch, and that I would never steer a fan of a Big East rival wrong. If for some reason you manage to tear yourself away from the top-notch girls at the Hooters in Chinatown, you can join some friendly Hoyas at The Iron Horse which is also right by Verizon and has been home to numerous Casual Gamewatches including the epic 2nd Annual Casual Extravaganza last season.

Friarblog: Syracuse is evil. Discuss.

Casual Hoya: We have hated Syracuse for longer than I have been alive. It started in the early 80s, Manley Field House, blah blah blah. What’s interesting is that this has been a great year for Syracuse hate. Between leaving the Big East, Jim Boeheim’s reaction to Bernie Fine’s accusers, and the “We’re #1″ t-shirts, there is a boatload of material and fuel to add to that fire. In addition, having watched the Orange play, they are like really, really good. And we especially hate people that are good at things.

Friarblog: When the BIG EAST finally does blow up, promise we’ll stick together?

Casual Hoya: Providence + Georgetown = 2getha 4eva. There is no doubt about that, my e-quaintance.

Friarblog: What’s your predictions for the game?

Casual Hoya: I think Providence is going to make this a lot closer than I am comfortable to admit. I am expecting a back and forth 35 minutes with Georgetown stepping on the gas in the last five minutes. Count me in for 78-67 Hoyas.

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  1. Daniel James says:

    i laughed so hard at the north korea comment. great interview FB!

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  3. Bob says:

    great exchange, but “in lieu of tomorrow’s game”?  Though I liked it, I hope this discussion doesn’t substitute for tomorrow’s game.

    1. friarblog says:

      Yeah, I’m an idiot