A Tale of Two Marshons

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So the Nets lost again, and Marshon Brooks set a career high in points again. After back to back games of 17 points, Brooks scored 21 points off the bench in the loss to the Atlanta Hawks. Late in the game, he cleared out Deron Williams at the top of the key, took his man, and hit a crazy fadeaway jumper for his 20 and 21st points to cut the Nets deficit to 1 with only a few minutes remaining. All was well on the offensive side of things as usual.

However, minutes later Joe Johnson drove past Brooks (who missed the cue to lead him into a double team) and scored a layup to put the Hawks up by 4 with about 20 seconds left. It got worse, as Marshon tried to call a timeout when the Nets had none remaining resulting in a technical foul. Chris Webber’d. Doh.

Despite the miscue, his coaches and teammates were quick to defend him.

Deron Williams: It wasn’t his fault. Everybody should have known players and coaches, should have known we didn’t have timeouts. Nothing was said and I really wasn’t aware of it either. Just an unfortunate mistake. It happened to a rookie so they’re going to say it’s a rookie mistake, but it’s really not on him, it’s on everybody.

Avery Johnson: He just got caught up in a bad defensive situation. We didn’t have any timeouts and just forgot. But it’s okay. It’s on us, as a coaching staff. We’ve got to do a better job of reminding him more, when he’s in that situation.

Here is the video of the play below.

Rookies will be rookies.

Dammit rookie!!!
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