Marshon No. 3 in Grantland NBA Rookie Rankings

dave@friarblog —  January 3rd, 2012 4:55 PM —  Comments
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Take that, Jimmer!

Grantland: NBA Rookie Rankings, Week 1

3. Marshon Brooks

The scouting report on Marshon Brooks coming out of college was that he was a volume scorer, and scouts questioned if Brooks’ isolation scoring ability could translate to the NBA. Five games into the season, Brooks doesn’t seem to be having much trouble adjusting. He is posting a PPP of 1.176 in isolation situations, which puts him in the top 7 percent of all NBA players.

Brooks is very comfortable with his right hand, and what has impressed me most about him is that he takes the ball from the dribble into his shot very quickly. That quick release prevents bigger defenders from bothering his shot. As the season goes on, it will be interesting to see what happens when teams start to overplay his right hand. Is his release just as quick coming from the left? Can he develop a counter move from that right side? Brooks’ ability to adjust will determine whether he remains near the top of these rankings.

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