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He comes into games late when they are out of reach (or when Ed Cooley gets totally pissed at the scholarship players and yanks them) and ALL HE DOES IS MAKE THREES! Friar fans may not know a lot about walk-on Chris Carter, but this story in the Worcester Telegram sheds some light on our blonde haired friend.

Worcester Telegram & Gazette: Colleges: Shepherd Hill’s Chris Carter realizes dream at Providence

Carter has played more this year than in his first two seasons combined, and has chipped in eight points and two rebounds in 28 minutes. Outsiders sometimes ask him why he’d put in so much practice and preparation time and effort and energy when his game time was so limited.

“You gain so many experiences from being on the team,” Carter said. “Things like leadership. I’ve learned more about myself over the last three years than I would have if I didn’t play basketball. My grades have actually gone up since I made the team. The feeling of being on a Big East basketball team and playing with the best competition for your age level, it’s definitely worth it.”

Even more incredible, he barely played in high school and actually is close to scoring as many points this year as he did in his one varsity season (11 points). He just really wanted to play at PC, and worked his tail off until he reached his dream.

It was Carter’s dream to play for the Friars since the day he got accepted to PC. He tried out for the team as a sophomore and was cut, but came back the next season to give it another go.

Carter came home to Worcester and spent hours in the gym shooting and working on ball-handling and other drills. He joined pickup games at Lincoln Village and Crompton Park any time he could.

Next time Carter bangs home a three at the Dunk, keep in mind what it took for him to get there. A True Friar.

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