Kris Dunn vs. Charles Correa

dave@friarblog —  January 4th, 2012 12:46 PM —  Comments
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In a game that has been highly anticipated all season, New London will be taking on Rhode Island’s Saint Raphael Academy on Saturday in Rhody. Adam Finkelstein posted a great article on ESPN Boston about the matchup between the team’s two best players, Kris Dunn and St. Raphael’s Charles Correa.

ESPN Boston: Tale of the Tape: Kris Dunn vs. Charles Correa

While recruiting may have nothing to do with Saturday’s match-up between Kris Dunn and Charles Correa, ultimately the methodology may prove to be somewhat similar. Dunn’s size, length, and versatility are at the heart of what helped to propel him atop the national rankings this summer. This weekend, it could be those same tools that prove to be the deciding factor in his match-up with Correa. The St. Raphael guard may actually have a slight edge in terms of sheer offensive skills, but when those skills are put to the test in the context of a full court game, Dunn’s total package could prove too much to handle.

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