Warrior’s Reaction – Where We Crush Louisville and I Make it Rain Movie Titles

Daniel "The Warrior Friar" James —  January 11th, 2012 11:10 AM —  Comments
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After a week of working long hours and having my ass kicked up and down the office, breaking up with my girlfriend after dating her for a year, and being generally frustrated with my inability to write anything decent, I can say pretty confidently that I really needed to see a win. Hell we all did.

And holy hell did we get that win.



With that being awesome, let’s get to it.

Poetic Justice - I want you all to stop and think about the coaches we’ve had since Rick Pitino. There’s been:

  • Gordon Chelsea – epic failure, so bad I won’t even check to see if I spelled his name right
  • Rick Barnes – Won the BE in 94 but generally kinda meh
  • Pete Gillen – Probably came closest to surpassing the Pitino shadow with the 97 Elite Eight run
  • Tim Welsh – Seemed promising but just couldn’t pull it out
  • Keno Davis – did he have some sort of flaw? I can’t remember, it took a lot of alcohol and therapy to suppress that shit

So now we have Ed Cooley, a coach who grew up in Providence and watched the Friars go to the Final Four under Pitino. And during halftime when we commemorated the 25 year anniversary of that run, Cooley was in the locker room getting ready to put the fatality on Pitino.

And it was nothing like the lame "friendship" and "bability" and "anamatality" BS of later Mortal Kombat games

You see, here’s the thing about Cooley – he’s not going to live in a shadow because he’s the new sun of the Providence Friars program. He doesn’t live in any coaches shadow because he’s going to be casting them over others. Fans generally associate one of the peaks of the programs successes with that 87 Final Four run, and because we haven’t had any success like that since fans have been looking for the next time we’ll find it. Cooley showed with his win tonight that what we saw 25 years ago is going to come back, but it’s not going to be a miracle run and it’s not going to end at the Final Four.

True Grit – After being brutally bitch slapped by the physicality of Seton Hall I didn’t expect our frontcourt to become tough so quickly. LaDontae Henton has always had the blue collar toughness that we’ve needed, but Bilal Dixon, Brice Kofane, and Kadeem Batts all took their licks and kept playing hard. They just simply refused to be walked on and passed over. It got physical and when it did they got tougher. The rebounding difference speaks for itself – 40 boards for Providence to Louisville’s 25 – you simply don’t rip that many more boards if you’re playing soft.

The Perfect Storm  - I said in my post game from Seton Hall that in life you either get good or you get lucky, and that we’d been lucky with every win over the past few years and now we’re starting to get good because of a coach who values the importance of playing good basketball. This game further showcased a point that this team is playing good basketball. The defense held Louisville to 38% shooting from the field and forced 10 turnovers, resulting in 15 points total. Those same players on defense then went back down on offense and shot 53% from the field and 60% from three point range for the game. They played a phenomenal game on both ends of the floor, and that’s just in game decisions they made. Consider how much better the chemistry is with this team – how they huddle between fouls and they cheer each other on from the bench, how they get each other pumped and keep supporting each other. Look at this picture and try to tell me we’ve seen anything like this in at least 13 years:

This says it all, also reminds me of when KG gave Rondo a hug.

This section might be mistitled because a storm is an occurrence that only happens every so often, and this looks like it’s what our team has become and not what our team can be.

The Natural - So in his first Big East win, Cooley has:

  • Set a record for biggest win margin against a ranked team for PC ever
  • Got huge production out of every player, with Council, Cotton, Henton, and Batts all in double figures
  • Improved morale to the dgree where we look like a team and not five guys who showed up on game day wearing the same color uniform
  • Improved free throws and fundamentals
  • Says we still need to get better

I think it’s safe to say that Cooley is the godsend that Shanley was referring to when we hired Keno Davis, but Shanley didn’t know it yet. Ladies and Gentlemen, the true heir to the PC coaching throne – Ed Cooley.

Or, you know...Godzilla

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  1. friarblog says:

    Gerard looks like he has some pain in his eyes, like “DAMNIT I SHOULD HAVE BEEN ON THE COURT FOR THIS”

    1. Daniel James says:

      I know it – I felt super bad for him during the game because he looked like he wanted nothing more than to get out onto the floor and help break the press and get some hoops by slashing by the UL players.

  2. Suzy says:

    Awesome game!  Love the photo of that little boy in your post!  I’ve seen improvement all season long and it all came together last night!  I hope it isn’t Coleman that’s been throwing the balance off – ’cause I like him.  Also love Henton’s toughness and game-awareness.

    Maybe it was the new uniforms?

    1. Daniel James says:

      gotta be the new uni’s! 

      As for Coleman I’ve been thinking the same thing but I’m willing to bet it was more that the frontcourt stepped up than anything – in the Big East you need a solid frontcourt and with Batts lighting it up like there’s no tomorrow and Kofane and Bilal both contributing everything they had the result was magnificent to watch.

      I agree with you on Henton – the guy has a nose for the ball like I haven’t seen in a long time. Very talented player, easily becoming my favorite Friar bar none.

  3. Ekopf2378 says:

    Barnes regime was Meh – Are you kidding? 3Ncaa’s in 6 years including a BET championship. 2 NITs where they were likely one of the last schools left out. I love Cooley but after the last decade I would sign up for that type of run in a heart beat.

    1. Daniel James says:

      Yeah, I realized after I may have undersold Barnes a bit, but when I was thinking of him I thought more about his…I guess unique connection to the fanbase? From what I’ve understood there was definitely a rift between him and the fans and, even with on court production, was still interesting.