Ed Cooley Documentary Airs on Cox Sports Tonight

dave@friarblog —  January 16th, 2012 3:51 PM —  Comments
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The Ed Cooley Documentary will air on Cox Sports tonight at 8PM. I got a chance to watch a screener this afternoon, and it’s definitely a must see for Friar fans.

When I first heard that Providence was considering Cooley for the head caching job, I admit I didn’t really know much about him. After he was hired, every time he spoke and every little back story that came out truly showed what a perfect fit he is for the program. The documentary not only enhances this, but also provides a complete look of how Ed got to where he is. Some very inspirational stuff. Overcoming the disaster that Keno Davis brought to the Friars? That’s small potatoes compared to what he’s already dealt with in life.

Some favorite moments:

* I’ve heard about Cooley winning state championships at Central High School in Rhode Island, but seeing the footage was truly great. The man could move, and grab an offensive board! Former Friar Abdul Abdullah also has some sweet highlights in there in playing with Ed. Also not surprising that he was the team’s locker room motivator.

* It was at Central High School where Cooley credits growing the most as a person. At first he did terribly academically and just needed the right teacher to whip him into shape. Sound familiar?

* Cooley goes all Coach Taylor from Friday Night Lights with the players coming to his house to enjoy a family meal. Some great stuff seeing them interact there with him and his family.

* Ed Cooley speaks to little kids at basketball camp just like they are real adults. SOMEONE IS GOING TO HIRE YOU ONE DAY, DON’T MESS AROUND!

If you have Cox Sports, be sure to check it out at 8PM tonight, and look for it on Demand.

From a Cox Sports press release:

Cooley will air throughout January on Cox channel 3 and 1003 in HD. It will also be available On DEMAND.

The film tells Cooley’s story, beginning with his youth in Providence, attending Central High School and earning two Rhode Island Player of the Year awards. It continues with his college career at Stonehill and previous coaching positions at URI, Boston College, and Fairfield.

“Cox Sports continues to amazes us with its ability to provide unique coverage of local sports in Rhode Island,” Providence College Athletics Director Bob Driscoll said. “The story of Ed Cooley’s life is so dynamic and inspiring that we are thankful to Cox for its desire to help us share this with our fans.”

The film features interviews with former Boston College coach Al Skinner, former Friar star and Cooley teammate Adbul Abdullah, Providence Mayor Angel Taveras, and many other players, administrators, coaches, and family.

“As the television home of Providence College athletics, we enjoy providing the type of in-depth coverage that fans won’t find anywhere else,” said Doreen Studley, vice president of marketing at Cox New England. “And as Friar fans, we wanted to learn more about Coach Cooley’s journey, as we are very excited about the future of the program under his leadership.”
Cooley was produced by Asleh Films for Cox Sports, directed by Salim Makhlouf and edited by Alex Contos. Other documentary films produced by Cox Sports include Providence College: Black & White, Somehow, Someway: A Season with the URI Rams and Narragansett Special: The Story of Narragansett Park.

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