Biggest Fan of the Big East: Challenge #5

dave@friarblog —  January 18th, 2012 9:56 PM —  Comments
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As you may or may not know, I have been picked to compete against bloggers from all 16 schools of the BIG EAST in a season long contest to win a Volvo S60. Part of it is the fan poll (if you haven’t already, please cast a vote for yours truly!), while the other piece consists of challenge posts throughout the entire season. Here is the next challenge.

What are the best traditions for your alma mater and why?

The first thing that comes to mind when talking about tradition and Providence College is obviously the “Civ Scream”. While not necessarily related to the basketball team in any way, it’s something everyone experiences when going to PC. For those that don’t know, all students are required to take to two year long program called the Development of Western Civilization. On the night before the final exams in December and May, everyone gathers in the quad to let off some steam from studying and well, scream.  Oh, and some people get naked, run around, and get tackled by security. Hilarity and shenanigans ensue. Deadspin even mentioned it in one of their posts several years back.

The more modest streakers would don a mask (Darth Vader’s boobs bouncing around in the crisp spring air was surely someone’s fantasy) which was probably the smarter idea anyways, since the ubiquitous balloons of piss would inevitably end up hitting someone in the face, to massive applause. One year a girl decided it was a good idea to bring her pogo stick along as well. I’m positive that the Dominican fathers that founded our fair institution would have been thrilled to see a topless girl pogoing down the quad, forgetting the key fact that it’s always a terrible idea to pogo when you’re drunk. Inevitably she completely busted ass (also to massive applause), balloons were thrown, and somebody’s video of it made it to Collegehumor (I scoured that site and sadly couldn’t find it or the dignity I left behind).

There are various videos of this phenomenon on the internet, but very few are appropriate enough to post (man ass on the site just isn’t my thing). Here are a couple though:

Instead of naked dudes and foul language, you have to listen to the Venga Boys. I haven’t decided which is worse yet.

Last May during the Civ Scream, news broke that Osama Bin Laden had been killed. The screams turned to chants of USA! USA!

Getting back to the basketball team, there’s not much to go on in regards to tradition which is kind of sad to be honest. When I attended the school, there wasn’t really something we stuck to every game (other than drinking). Luckily, Ed Cooley wants to change this as part of his rebuilding of the program. One thing he has started this season already was how the team prepared for home games.

According to the Providence Journal a few months ago:

Before every home game, Cooley’s players leave campus for their home-away-from-home, The West-in Providence. They eat a pregame meal together in a conference room and retreat to guest rooms where they grab a power nap if needed.

After dressing in suits and ties, the team walks together from the Westin into the Rhode Island Convention Center and to The Dunk via the indoor walkways that connect the buildings. While thus far he’s only seen some bystanders tossing arched eyebrows the Friars’ way, Cooley would love the team’s walk to grow into something akin to the ceremonial pregame walks that football teams in the South enjoy.

I think this is a great idea, and something I’m looking forward to seeing when I take my trip to PC for the Georgetown game in February.

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