Ryan Gomes Appears in Sprint Commercial, People Confused

dave@friarblog —  January 18th, 2012 2:10 PM —  Comments
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This commercial is apparently a few weeks old (I don’t watch live TV, and when it’s a college basketball game I’m usually tweeting some pure utter nonsense), but I saw some chatter lately on NBA’s recent Sprint Commercial. It features a bunch of players passing the ball down the court (which is also the longest basketball court EVER).

LeBron James to Rondo to Steve Nash to Westbrook to Luol Deng to Jason Kidd to….RYAN GOMES! And Gomes makes the last pass to Josh Smith for the dunk! Thanks for all those great passes you All-Stars, but Ryan gets credit for the assist.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Ryan Gomes. However, his playing time and production are clearly on the downward trend unfortunately. He is averaging 3.5 points per game in only 16.2 MPG of action off the bench. This is coming off a season where he put up his worst shooting numbers of his career, and failed to average double figures in scoring for the first time since his rookie year.

Maybe the quadruple teams are a reason for his decline in scoring?

Maybe some Sprint exec wanted Marshon and was all, “Hey, get me that player from Providence!!” Surely there can’t be more than one!

Here are some other twitter reactions:

I still don't understand why Ryan Gomes is on that nba commercial
Kyle Gross
Why the hell is Ryan Gomes in that Sprint NBA commercial. Dude doesn't even play
Dave Marusic
Ryan Gomes is the RANDOMEST NBA player in that Sprint commercial lmao
This Sprint commercial cracks me up every time because 1) D.J. Augustin throws the ball away and 2) Ryan Gomes is in it.
I just want to know how Ryan Gomes got in that NBA sprint commercial.
JR Smith 2.0
That sprint commercial has all kinds of NBA stars....and Ryan Gomes?
Cory Shipplett
How does Ryan Gomes end up among all those players in that NBA/Sprint commercial? #TitoJacksonStatus
Nestle Snipes
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