Bilal Dixon to Transfer to Towson, Along with Unknown Current Friar

dave@friarblog —  January 27th, 2012 10:34 AM —  Comments
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The rumor and news front is getting pretty crazy on this Friday in Friartown. John Feinstein appeared on The Sports Junkies (106.7 the Fan in DC) this morning and mentioned that Towson (led by head coach Pat Skerry) was expecting two transfers next year from Providence. One has been confirmed as Bilal Dixon.

Dixon is graduating this year (he was a redshirt his freshman year), so he will not have to sit out and will play right away for Pat Skerry.

Ron Giplaye (who was recruited by Pat Skerry when he was an assistant at Providence) seems like the most likely candidate for the other transfer, but nothing is confirmed yet.

With the two transfers, Ed Cooley will have the open spots that were expected to officially land some 2012 bigs. Buckle up Friartown.

H/T BigEastBoards Providence

UPDATE: Here is the clip from the Sports Junkies with John Feinstein

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  1. [...] Goodman also expected sophomore forward Ron Giplaye and junior forward Bilal Dixon would also be transferring. No confirmation on either of these players, but for months both have been rumored to be transferring to Towson. [...]