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Cox Sports: A glimpse of Friar recruit Josh Fortune

I was beginning to think cameras weren’t allowed for this kid’s games! Well done, Cox. Providence College Athletic Department Rewards Student

Who wants to create a big head of the Friarblog logo?

Providence College freshman Danny DeFilippo was rewarded by the Providence College Athletic Department with fifty dollars on February 9 because a “big head” of Athletic Director Bob Driscoll was spotted in his dorm room window. DeFilippo brought the “big head” back to his dorm room after displaying it in the student section at a recent home men’s basketball game. The “big head” was spotted during last week’s promotion when head coaches gave away pizza to students.

The Athletic Department will continue to reward students for displaying “big heads” in their dorm room windows for the remainder of the 2011-12 men’s basketball season.

Troy Nunes is an Absolute Magician: Syracuse Vs. UConn: Flat Top Your Dome

Nerlens Noel is visiting Syracuse this weekend for the UCONN game. Sean from Nunes Magician wants students to print out and wear a flat top. I totally could have done this for the West Virginia with Noel in attendance. I had an extra sheet of paper lying around.

Some say he can block a shot with his mind. Others say a drop of his sweat could power the city of Syracuse for weeks. One teammate even claims to have witnessed him eat a cheerleader.

No matter the case, one thing is for certain. This Saturday, a beast will be upon us. Scouts are drooling over the Number 1-ranked recruit, crediting his dominance to traits like “freakish athleticism,” “uncanny defensive instincts,” and “incredible mobility and agility.” But both you and I know the true source of his unbridled defensive devastation.

The Cowl:  Noel Could Follow Ledo and Dunn to PC


If you follow any diehard PC basketball fan on Twitter, you would understand the impact Noel would have if he came toFriartown. #Nerlens4PC was attached to almost every tweet about Friar basketball this past week, and with good reason. Ed Cooley is molding PC basketball into an elite program, and the addition of Noel would cement his legacy at PC in just one year. Even though this year is leaving many fans disgruntled, the fact is that if Noel decides to play for the black and white next year, the Friars will have all the tools needed to make a run at not only the NCAA Tournament, but the National Championship as well. That isn’t optimism; that’s realism.

Instagram: Behind the scenes of my Slam shoot with future NBA star Ricky Ledo

Minutes after Ricky stared deep into the camera’s eye, it’s ankle’s broke.

Photo by Tom Medvedich

Instagram: Kris Dunn’s autograph

This girl doesn’t always drink Coca-Cola, but when she does it’s got Kris Dunn’s autograph on it.

photo by caitlindoocy

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