South Florida Preview: Q & A with Voodoo Five

dave@friarblog —  February 11th, 2012 8:33 AM —  Comments
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In preperation for today’s rematch against South Florida, I exchanged some questions with Ken DeCelles the South Florida Blog “Voodoo Five”. I answered questions for them for the first game, but this time Friar Basketball answered them for this game. Head on over to Voodoo Five to read Kevin’s responses.

Friarblog: What’s new with the Bulls since the Friars visited at the end of January?

Voodoo Five: Nothing out of the ordinary really. We’ve only played two games since our battle at the Tampa Bay Times Forum, getting blown out at Georgetown and winning a surprisingly easy game against Pitt here in Tampa. Somehow we are still on the bubble, and The Quest For 16 is starting to become a reality. Fun times all around.

Friarblog: Without looking at the boxscores, I can guarantee you that Anthony Collins hasn’t made any threes since his two within those couple minutes during USF’s big run that was the difference in the game. Was that game a fluke or does he have another big shooting game in him at the Dunk?

Voodoo Five: No he didn’t, but at least he attempted one against the Hoyas. Anthony is able to run Coach Heath’s slow tempo offense almost to perfection, and he knows that a low percentage shot with plenty of time on the clock is a waste of a possession. He is gaining confidence in his shooting ability, and if left open he will let it loose. Will it mean a couple more threes? Who knows, but I do know Council will play him a little tighter today.

Friarblog: Anything that surprised you while watching the Friars compete against the Bulls?

Voodoo Five: If I said anything other than LaDonte Henton I would be wrong. He really impressed me with his ability to score from anywhere, and I was a little surprised he wasn’t as involved in the 2nd half as he was in the first. He’s going to be a guy that will give me nightmares for the next 3 seasons.

Friarblog: PC did a pretty decent job against the USF bigs last time around despiste being severely outsized. Who needs to step up for South Florida to exploit the differences in the front court?

Voodoo Five: That would have to be Augustus Gilchrist. Yes he did have 11 points, but he went 3-7 from the field, only grabbed 3 rebounds, and was a non-factor for long stretches in our previous contest. Gus has to do a better job attacking the basket if we are to win today.

Friarblog: What adjustments do you think Stan Heath will make this time in facing the Friars?

Voodoo Five: Not fouling with less than a minute to go while your opponent is shooting 3 pointers while holding a comfortable but slim lead. There had to be some drama between USF and Providence, and there was some to be had with those two horrible fouls. Maybe put defense stopper extraordinaire Hugh Robertson on Henton, but nothing else that I can think of.

Friarblog: How is the future looking for the Bulls? Any big recruits coming down the pipe?

Voodoo Five: While its not as good as your recruiting class, Coach Heath has his best crop of players coming in next season. We have our first Top 100 player in a decade with Huntington Prep wing Javontae Hawkins coming in, along with JUCO AA Waverly Austin and another solid JUCO in Musa Abdul-Aleem. We have two solid players signing in the spring from the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex in PF Zach LeDay and PG Derrick Holland.

Add that the Sun Dome is getting close to being done and our new 50,000 sq ft practice facility, and Heath finally has the tools to be able to recruit in the Big East. Hopefully it will carry over to the win column.

Friarblog: Any predictions for the game?

Voodoo Five: Only that something crazy will happen today. Don’t know what it will be, but I wouldn’t be surprised by anything.

Thanks Ken!

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