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Friar Basketball: Providence Takes Family Approach to Recruiting

We are family…

Cooley’s pitch takes a page from the Olive Garden: when you’re here, you’re family. That the head coach is repeatedly taking road trips to see the likes of Sampson helps separate the Friars, what may put them over the top is their family approach to recruiting.

Back in August, Cooley explained this approach to CBS’s Gary Parish, “When I sell my background to the kids and my vision to their families, I always tell the kids that if I get the opportunity to know them and they get the opportunity to see who we are as a family and what we do as people during the recruiting process, when it comes time to make a decision on a school, they will have a brutal time telling me no. They might tell me no. But they’ll have a brutal time doing it.”

Voodoo Five: Shaun Noriega’s Big Moments Against Providence

A USF blog breaks down the two plays (with analysis and screen grabs) that gave the Bulls the edge on Saturday. Then, I break down. And cry.

But with USF desperate for offense and down 46-41 with less than three minutes left on Saturday, Stan Heath decided to roll the dice and give Noriega a shot.

ESPN: Conference Power Rankings: Big East

You don’t even have to look at the article, really.

16. Providence: The Friars have just two wins since the New Year and the schedule offers little in the way of optimism. This week, Providence has to face a hungry Cincinnati team before hosting Georgetown.

Rumble in the Garden: Big East efficiency margins 2-13-2012: Louisville, Providence, Notre Dame and more

The Friars finished at -.10 (also 14th place) in efficiency margin in conference play last year.

And finally, the Providence Friars are the butt of everyone’s jokes, the losers of the league, the 98-pound weakling. But their season has shown a lot of promise. The Friars continue to play in close games despite playing six players most of the team’s minutes. Their efficiency margins have been going up each week.

But the Friars have been outscored in the second half for five straight games (including a win against Rutgers) – the fatigue factor seems evident.

Ed Cooley will want to find something different to do with his defense next year, however – the Friars can’t stop three-point shooting, don’t force turnovers, and aren’t getting defensive rebounds.

New England Hoops News: Dunn, Ledo ready to bring Providence back

According to Ledo the two prospects talk all the time via Twitter and texting. Cooley has also made a strong effort to attend many of their games.
Cooley has two headlining stars. To go along with Dunn and Ledo is knockdown shooter Josh Fortune and transfer Sidiki Johnson.
But Cooley isn’t done. Oh, he’s far from done.

YouTube: Andre Drummond visits Kris Dunn

“Hey Kris, can I join your team next year so I can actually play in the NCAA Tournament?” Heyooooo

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