Come Hangout on Google Plus Before Cincinnati Game

dave@friarblog —  February 15th, 2012 4:39 PM —  Comments
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If you can’t get enough Friarblog in your life, I’ve added a new page on Google+. Even if you are not on the new social network or use it regularly, you’ll want to join up in order to take part in some of their cool features. One cool thing about Google Plus is their “Hangouts” technology, which allows a group video chat for all to see. I figured I’d give it a try tonight before the Friars take on Cincinnati with the late 9 o’clock start. We’ll talk about the game tonight, recruiting, anything Friar related really.

I’ll try to kick things off at around 8:30 and see who is around. If you haven’t joined up Google Plus, give it a whirl and add the page below to your “circle”.

Friarblog Google Plus Page

Also, be sure to like Friarblog on Facebook too. Every like adds to the chances of Nerlens Noel picking providence. I swear.

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