Providence No Longer on Nerlens Noel’s List According to Jeff Goodman [Updated]

dave@friarblog —  February 16th, 2012 1:49 PM —  Comments
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I’m not quite sure what to make of this since I didn’t catch the beginning of the interview, but Jeff Goodman just had Nerlens Noel on his radio show on SiriusXM.

You can listen to part the interview here, but it didn’t include the part that Eric Hoffses tweeted about.

Just heard Nerlens Noel confirm on @ radio show that UConn is still on his list along w kentucky, cuse, unc, gtown, and florida

Wait, what? What about the Friars?

Nope. Nerlens didn't mention Providence. RT @: @ @ I missed the beginning. He didn't mention Providence?
Jeff Goodman

Not good. I even followed up with Goodman asking what his list was, and he confirmed it was those 5.

This sounds pretty sudden and strange, so we’ll try to find out more.

UPDATE: 3:20PM Nerlens Tweeted that PC is still on his list. Crisis averted.

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  2. Hdoug1222 says:

    Nerlens Noel eliminated Providence & Florida tonight. I
    told Friars fans they weren’t in mix a couple weeks ago. Wouldn’t
    believe me.