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Providence Press: Ed Cooley Letter to Fans

On the court, the season started with “rebuilding” expectations. A strong non-conference record and some early strides in the development of the “team” gave us momentary hope that our process of rebuilding the program might happen more quickly than expected. While I am proud of the effort and improvements our players have made, my expectation that this season would be a developmental year with its associated ups and downs has remained constant. Our current record keeps me up at night, as I’m sure it does for all Friar fans, but we feel we have instilled the moral values in our student-athletes which will ultimately lead to success on the court.

ESPN HS: HS players say bring on NBA All-Stars

Oh snap. Don’t think about the NBA just yet, buddy.

Nerlens Noel, a senior center at Tilton (N.H.) who is the top ranked player in the ESPNU 100, said that he’d bypass contributing and dominate in the laid back setting.

“I mean, think about it, they don’t really play a whole lot of defense anyway in the All-Star Game,” Noel said. “They don’t contest dunks or anything. Oh yeah, I think I could get in there and drop a 30-piece on the low.”

ESPN New York: Nets’ 2011-12 midseason report card

Marshon getting a B. Even with the injury and missed time, that seems a little harsh based on his draft position and expectations.

Brooks has been compared to Kobe Bryant early in his career — and it’s easy to see why. The rookie plays with a confidence far beyond his 23 years, and ranks second to Kyrie Irving in scoring among first-year players (14.6 ppg). Brooks excels at creating his own shot in isolation sets, but struggled to guard and Johnson will be the first to tell you he needs to work on his defense. A broken toe kept Brooks sidelined for a bit, but he seems to have returned to form, and established a new career-high with 24 points in the Nets’ loss to the Magic on Wednesday night. Brooks looks like the steal of the 2011 draft so far.

YouTube: Marshon Brooks 2011-12 First Half Mix ROY?

Twitter: @RecruitsNation

Looks like we are going to have to wait awhile to hear about Obekpa.

Friar Basketball: A Closer Look at Mislav Brzoja

While much of the focus this spring has been on improving the frontcourt, the Friars are in pursuit of Mislav Brzoja, a 6’5 Croatian shooting guard currently prepping at Traders Point Christian Academy in Indiana. He averaged over 18 points per game during the U18 European Championship and is said to be a great shooter. He certainly looks the part in the video below. Hannoush Jewelers To Give Away A Diamond At The Providence College Men’s Basketball Game

Man, and all I got when I went to the Dunk last weekend was a bunch of 10 dollar beers…

The first 2,500 fans to enter the Dunkin’ Donuts Center for the game will be given a cubic zirconium, one of which will be a diamond. Fans must bring it to Hannoush Jewelers to find out if they were the lucky winner of the diamond. The Dunk opens at 6:00 p.m. on Tuesday.

Bleacher Report: College Basketball Recruiting: 25 Freshmen Who Will Make an Immediate Impact

Dunn and Ledo make the cut, but hard to take it seriously when it says Dunn will be the starting PG next year. Unless they know something we don’t about Vincent Council? Doubtful, since they only seem to know about slideshows.

Kris Dunn will be the starting point guard for the Friars next season. He and Ricardo Ledo will make up a whole new backcourt.

Dunn’s length and ball-handling skills allow him to play either guard position, so don’t be surprised to see him give the ball-handling duties to Ledo at times. However, he has great court vision and passing ability, which makes him a great point guard.

Dunn has a lot of potential that he hasn’t tapped into yet, but with some good coaching, he could become a true star.

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