Andy Katz Upset Pick of the Week: Providence over UConn

dave@friarblog —  February 27th, 2012 9:13 AM —  Comments
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In his Weekly Watch column today, Andy Katz picked Providence over UConn as his upset pick of the week.

Weekly Watch: Drama doesn’t have to wait for March Madness

Upset pick of the week

Providence over Connecticut, Tuesday: Traditionally, the Huskies haven’t played well at Providence. And the pressure will be immense on UConn to win this game after failing to score on a final possession against Syracuse. Providence has the offense to score against Connecticut from the perimeter. Of course, the question will be whether UConn has the focus to lock in and defend the Friars in what is a must-win game. Can the Huskies lose this game, beat Pitt on Saturday and make a mini-run in the Big East tournament to still earn a bid? Yes. But falling to PC would zap them of any momentum, save a return to the bench by Jim Calhoun if his surgery goes well Monday.

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  1. Steve Pizzo says:

    uconn will need 3 wins to clinch ncaa bid     better to avoid cuse since this is almost a homegame for them…..i would bet uconn will do it if they  beat providence…teo things going for uconn   1) calhoun back  2) this is not a home game for providence……uconn by 7