Friars Locked into Tuesday Night Game at MSG

dave@friarblog —  March 2nd, 2012 9:38 AM —  Comments
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Villanova defeated Rutgers last night, leaving three teams one game ahead of Providence in the standings at 5-12. Two of those teams are Villanova and Pittsburgh, who would have a tie breaker advantage over PC by virtue of beating them should they end up tied after each plays their final game this weekend.

If the Friars lose at Notre Dame tonight, they would end up the 15th seed and play the 10th seed (as of right now, it’s UConn!) at 7PM on Tuesday night at the Garden.

If Providence can pull off the massive road upset, they would need St. John’s to beat Rutgers at the RAC tomorrow night forcing them into a 5-13 tie. Cooley and PC would hold the tie breaker since they beat Rutgers at the Dunk on February 1st. In that case, PC gets the 14th seed and plays No 11. at 9PM Tuesday night.

Now that the times are set, who’s going to NYC? There’s a pregame alumni event from 4-7PM at the Session House. Time to leave work early!

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