Kris Dunn Feature in The Day

dave@friarblog —  March 8th, 2012 9:31 AM —  Comments
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Mike DiMauro has a great piece in The Day about Kris Dunn’ background and family.

The Day: How New London’s Kris Dunn found his way home

John and Audra Seldon, in spite of seeing their son’s athletic ability, have reinforced education to their children faithfully. John Dunn, a former high school player at Montville, recently graduated from Central Connecticut with a degree in accounting. Education would be a component at college for Kris, too.

Enter Ed Cooley, the new, personable, energetic coach at Providence.

“I didn’t want a coach that was only going to teach him basketball,” Seldon said. “Kris needed a father figure. He needs a role model. Coach Cooley came from nothing.”

Seldon was asked if any coach other than Cooley discussed education with the family.

“No,” Seldon said bluntly. “Coach Cooley is the only one.”

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