Big Man on Campus?

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On Tuesday night via Twitter we learned that 7’0” Sergej Vucetic was slated to visit Ed Cooley and Providence on Monday.  Judging from some of the Twitter response, like many I was intrigued by a seven-foot prospect but wholly unfamiliar with this player out of AIM Prep in Michigan by way of Serbia.

7'0, 230-pound C Sergej Vucetic (2012) of Aim Prep (MI) will visit Providence on Monday.
Scouting Indiana

Given Vucetic’s Serbian roots I reached out to Rafal Juc of in the hope of learning more about him because no one has the European hoops scene covered better than Rafal.  Please do yourself a favor and follow him on Twitter (@rafjuc) and check him out at  Rafal was gracious enough not only to provide me with some personal insight but also reached out to a contact in Serbia who has seen a lot of Vucetic in the last year and passed along what he had to say.

As far as college interest Vucetic holds offers from the Friars, URI, Minnesota Vanderbilt, Georgia Tech, UNC Charlotte, Nevada and Illinois.

Vucetic has enjoyed great success over the past year.  The biggest eye popper is that he has drawn comparisons to Pau Gasol because of the perimeter skills and agility he possesses for a player of his size.  Vucetic is estimated to stand approximately 7’2” in sneakers and is described as a “really good rebounder” due to his length and body control..  He can also score inside but needs to work on the technical aspects of post play, such as his footwork, and needs to get stronger.   As you will see in the videos included with this post, Vucetic definitely needs work on his body and Rafal believes his offensive game needs significant improvement if he is to be a difference maker at the Big East level. Rafal suggested a red shirt year would do Vucetic well if he goes the high major route, but even with that he is not sure if Vucetic projects to an impact Big East starter.

Vucetic recently played in the Northwest Indiana All-Star Classic and I found some video (below).  It is over 30 minutes long but Vucetic flashes some of his abilities right away so check it out for a few minutes.  Also appearing in the game is another person of Friar interest, shooting guard Mislav Brzoja.

This is a shorter video of Sergej Vucetic training session.

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  1. Mark says:

    Rafa Juc doesn’t know Vucetic :) Vucetic was in famous Serbian FMP basketball program but at that time they had 5 players over 7’0, if you have so many big guys then it’s hard that all of them will get a chance. Infact he didn’t get a chance. Anyway, Sergej got skill, good fundamentals and soft hand. Needs to gain weight and he is ready to play. He doesn’t need red shirt year…

    1. FriarFrenzy says:

      Thanks Mark. Rafal’s point was that he thinks Vucetic needs more seasoning to be a real difference maker on a Big East/high major team given that he will be going against potentially stronger front lines on a day in and day out basis. However I did get the impression that Rafal (and his Serbian contact who has seen Vucetic quite a bit) believe Vucetic is a mid-major star in the making. That all said, bigs tend to develop more slowly than other players so it stands to reason that Vucetic will need to develop his body and offensive game and therefore is a worthwhile “gamble” for Ed Cooley. Scoring is not going to be an issue for the Friars as presently constituted so if they can get a big presence that can protect the rim and rebound on both ends I think Cooley would take him in a heartbeat. He is looking for a fit.

  2. Jeff H#3 says:

    He is a very good player who has many qualities….

    1. FriarFrenzy says:

      Thanks Jeff – He definitely seems to have a lot of potential and if he comes to PC I certainly hope he realizes it. If he goes to URI..well…..

  3. Professor Van Nostrand says:

    cmon drsicoll just give the kid an audi, a bag of cash and 2 white chicks from east lyme. if they take the banner away we’ll still be champs just ask pete carroll.

  4. Professor Van Nostrand says:

    cmon drsicoll just give the kid an audi, a bag of cash and 2 white chicks from east lyme. if they take the banner away we’ll still be champs just ask pete carroll.