Things for Friar Fans to Watch for this Summer

dave@friarblog —  July 14th, 2012 10:01 AM —  Comments
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This is a guest post by @Craigl78. Be sure to follow him on Twitter and check out his stuff on all of the Friar messageboards.

1. July Live Period

This week marks the first of three live periods in July where coaches can once again evaluate and recruit players. Up until now it seems like High Major programs including PC have offered scores of players. Pay close attention to where the staff is during July and who they are watching and you will know who the staff is really serious about. Early returns this week place Ed Cooley at the Addidas Invitational and he has been paying particularly close attention to the Mass Rivals team ( Noah Vonleh, Matt Cimino, Josh Sharma, Jeremy Miller, and Kaleb Joseph). Let’s see where else the staff pops up and who they are watching.

2. The Saga of Kiwi Gardner

Will he be a Friar or won’t he? The latest is that a final decision may not be made until September. Stay tuned. Until then, expect a few more Youtube videos to come out from the San Francisco Pro-Am League.

3. The Saga of Ian Baker

Refer to Kiwi Gardner above. Will he or won’t be a part of the program?

4. Are We All Through?

Is there still a possibility of adding another player for the 2012-2013 season? This could very well be the reason why the Kiwi and Ian situations are still in limbo. Could it be that BU transfer Jake O’Brien is headed our way? Maybe a foreign big man? Somehow I have the feeling that Cooley may not be through with his 2012-2013 recruiting class.

5. The Providence Full Court Boardroom Summer of Stars

The Providence Full Court Boardroom is holding a great weekend of events August 9-12 kicking off with the Weekend of Stars Launch Party at Ladder 133 on Thursday August 9th. There will also be a Billiards Invitational at Snookers on Friday August 10 th. Saturday’s events include a golf invitational at the Cranston Country Club followed by another social event Saturday night at Whiskey Republic. This weekend is a great
opportunity to meet up with a multitude of past and present Friar players as well as catch up with Friar friends that you have not seen during the off-season. I highly recommend that you follow @ProvFullctBrdrm on Twitter where he can give you more details on the event.

6. Ricky Ledo

All the recent signs have been hopeful that we will see Ricky fully qualified for this year. Hopefully we will here definitive news at some point this summer that Ricky is good to go!

7. Watch for more Reclassifications

First it was Andre Drummond moving from 2012 to 2011. Then it was Nerlens Noel going from 2013 to 2012. Just recently it was Wayne Seldon going from 2014 to 2013. Who is going to be next? Noah Vonleh? Jarred Terell? Who knows but keep an eye out that the player you think PC may be recruiting for sometime in the future winds up being this year’s recruit.

8. Kris Dunn

His surgery went well and he in firmly in the PC fold on campus taking summer classes. Hopefully by the end of the summer we will have some progress reports and some sort of time table for his recovery.

9. Need a Basketball Fix?

Getting tired of watching mid-summer baseball as you just want to see some hoops? There are plenty of remedies for you this summer. NBA Tv is televising and streaming Summer League games. The Dyckman and Nike Pro City Leagues in NYC are streaming their games live this year. If you follow @TheBBallDiary on twitter you will know that he is constantly uploading all sorts of complete games from summer leagues and AAU
tournaments. And, don’t forget in a couple of weeks there is the Olympics!

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  1. Jake says:

    When the status on Kiwi and Ledo are resolved is when I buy my season tickets.

  2. Jake says:

    When the status on Kiwi and Ledo are resolved is when I buy my season tickets.

    1. Const says:

      way to be a faithful fan

    2. Const says:

      way to be a faithful fan

    3. friarblog says:

      What if just Ledo gets cleared?