10 Reasons Why the NCAA Should Clear Ricky Ledo

dave@friarblog —  July 30th, 2012 7:50 AM —  Comments
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In 2007, the NCAA created a new rule for initial eligibility.

The legislation, which requires prospective student-athletes to complete all core courses within the traditional four years of high school enrollment with the opportunity to complete one additional required core course after graduation

As we have known for a while, Ricardo Ledo didn’t meet this requirement and needs a waiver from the NCAA in order to gain initial eligibility to play for the Friars in November. Here are the 10 reasons why I think the NCAA should grant Ledo this waiver and clear him to play.

1. PC has two top 25 recruits in one class for the first time in god knows how long if ever. One already needed shoulder surgery. THROW US A FRICKIN’ BONE NCAA!

2. Ledo attended four high schools altogether, and repeated his sophomore year at St. Andrews after spending his initial two years at Bishop Hendricken. While I won’t pretend to know the details of Ricky’s situation or reasons for his transferrings, is it possible he was just trying to find the right support on top of adjusting academically? Remember all that stuff came out about his coach at Notre Dame? I get that rules are rules and he didn’t technically graduate in 4 years, but I don’t think he was trying to exploit anything.

3. Ed Cooley will probably get mad. Have you seen Ed Cooley mad?

4. This season is the last time we regularly play Syracuse and Pittsburgh before they trek off to the ACC. Ledo will be motivated to play against his good buddy Michael Carter-Williams and could do big things, and we just need the firepower to avenge those terrible Pitt losses the last several years. Let us send them off in style!

5. Ledo is destined for the NBA. We need more Friars in the NBA.

6. You are preventing thousands of kids around New England from overusing the phrase “I’m ballin’ like I’m Ricky Ledo” every time they play basketball.

7. I’ve already received my bulk order of 5,000 “Dunkin’ Ricky LeDonuts Center” t-shirts.

8. If you deny Ledo his ability to play basketball at PC, you also will be denying an opportunity for him to get a valuable education through the infamous Development of Western Civ course. I’ve always dreamed of meeting Ledo after a game, forgoing boring basketball talk to get his take on Immanuel Kant and his writings on Transcendental Idealism. Don’t rob me of my dreams!

9. Do they really wanted to be more hated in the state of Rhode Island than Curt Schilling?

10. Gotta keep the tradition of good Ricky Ledo news on holidays. On Christmas Day of 2010 (while my son was being born!), Ledo first committed to Keno Davis. After opening up his recruitment again, Ricky re-commited to the Friars on Labor Day in September of 2011. Labor Day this year might be cutting it too close (September 3rd), so may I suggest August 4th, National Mustard Day? Let Friartown get some good Ledo news, and kick back with a summer hot dog and some tasty mustard.


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